Zendaya Has Been Garnering Attention With Her Overwhelming Personality

At only 25 years old, Zendaya has become one of the most influential figures in the entertainment industry. The former Disney star became the youngest drama actress in winning an Emmy and the love interest of Spider-Man.

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From her days starring the acclaimed Disney series "Shake It Up" and her own sitcom "K.C. Undercover," Zendaya has shown her talent for acting, singing, dancing, and entertaining. But what makes the actress so unique is her authenticity and charismatic personality that has allowed her to make part of big projects such as "Euphoria" and the "Spider-Man" movies.

The icon has also played many roles that have shown her versatility as an actress. From playing Anne Wheeler in The Greatest Showman to M.J. in "Spider-Man," Zendaya always succeeds in the projects that she makes part of. As proof of it, one of her biggest roles is about a teenager that struggles with addiction.

She plays Rue Bennett on "Euphoria," a role that allowed her to win an Emmy, becoming the youngest actress in getting this recognition. Currently, she stars as the love interest of Peter Parker in "Spider-Man." The latest movie of this saga, "Spider-Man: No Way Home," has earned $1.057 billion, becoming the highest-grossing movie during the pandemic.

Besides playing important roles on the big screen, she also uses her platform for good causes. The actress is an ambassador of Friends for Change, an initiative that teaches kids to make positive changes in their communities and the planet earth. The actress has also been an advocate of Convoy of Hope since the Hurricane Sandy disaster in 2012.


The star has constantly donated to charity since she was 18 years old. When she turned 20, she again joined forces with Convoy of Hope to host a campaign to raise $50,000 to support the organization's Women's Empowerment Initiative. In 2015, Zendaya traveled to Africa with the UNAIDS Foundation, where she helped children whose parents died from AIDS.

As a woman, Zendaya has recognized the importance of female leadership in all industries. According to Broadway World, regarding the Women's Empowerment Initiative, the star said, "I want to help raise money for women who are impoverished. This program helps them take care of themselves and their families, breaking the cycle of poverty."

On the other hand, she says that she is always auditioning for roles "written for white women" to fight for diversity in Hollywood. As a philanthropist and artist, her spirit has also led her to find her way as an entrepreneur. The star created her own shoe line. Her brand Sole Of Daya shows her flawless fashion taste and passion for business. She includes comfortable heels and even some flats in the collection (the project she worked on with her stylist Law Roach). It's important to highlight that the actress's fashion play has always been strong. She consistently portrays her clothes and fancy dresses on the red carpet in the most beautiful ways. Thanks to this, Zendaya has been chosen as one of the best-dressed celebrities on many occasions.

There's no doubt that Zendaya's influence goes from fashion to charity. As she keeps building a successful career, the actress has become a good role model and an inspiring figure for many.

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