How Essential Is To Slow Down the Pace?

We are so caught up in the routine that sometimes we forget to stop to remember and take care of what truly matters. Here are some Ted Talks that will help you to slow down and appreciate the bigger picture.

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Are you having trouble focusing on what truly matters? Grab your popcorn and make yourself comfortable while listening to some of the most inspirational and wiser advice from experts worldwide.

The Power of Saying Thank You

As a life coach, Dr. Laura Trice knows the importance of these magical words to bond relationships, show appreciation, strengthen a friendship, and show others how much they mean to her. In this brief but very wise talk, Dr. Laura shares personal stories to reflect on the importance of repairing a bond by simply saying, "thank you."

How To Live Passionately—No Matter Your Age

Being 79 years old, the acclaimed Chilean writer Isabel Allende is sincere regarding what worries her as she gets older, including her wrinkles and the fear of not living passionately. However, she knows that age is just a number, and having a young spirit it's the most important thing. With her talent to tell stories, she gives out advice on living more joyfully.

Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.

The cinematographer Louis Schwartzberg felt deeply in love with the beauty of nature thanks to photography. For him, connecting with what surrounds us makes us more present and mindful. By the lens of his camera, Schwartzberg captures more than moments: He creates collections of precious and daily things that, in reality, connect us with the universe and the deepest part of ourselves.


What Really Matters at the End of Life

As a physician, BJ Miller's approach to death is pretty interesting. For him, creating a dignified and graceful end of life for his patients is the best way to help people transition to the end of their lives. With respect and love, he thinks deeply about how to honor the life of those who are suffering. In his 19 minutes long story, he opens up and shares his knowledge regarding this matter.

The Unforeseen Consequences of a Fast-Paced World

Anthropologist Kathryn Bouskill explores why the modern world and technology's promise of efficiency put us under more pressure. How are people adapting to this age in which speed is the most important thing? Does a faster future make us more vulnerable? The fear of the lack of control forces us to work faster and leaves us burnout. The expert analyzes the accelerating phenomenon and how it's affecting us in all areas of our lives.  

All of these talks have in common the desire to slow down and doesn't forget the beauty that surrounds us. From being grateful to thinking about how fast the world is evolving, we need to stay focused and make time for what we genuinely care about.

When we appreciate the bigger picture, not only do we find a new perspective, but also we learn to appreciate more what we have.

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