How to celebrate your baby’s first christmas

Here are a few ideas to celebrate your baby's first christmas and some advice you need to take into account.

Baby wearing Santa Claus suit unwrapping a gift.

Baby wearing Santa Claus suit unwrapping a gift. / Photo: Unsplash

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Christmas is exciting and special for almost everyone and if you had a baby this year, you and your baby will probably remember this celebration forever. That's why you should try to make Christmas extra special and extra safe on 2019. 

Here are a few ideas to celebrate your baby's first christmas and some advice you need to take into account.

1. Take it easy. The best way to celebrate christmas is spending time with your family and creating memories with them. You surely don't want to overcommit this year and say yes to all the invitations, because the new member of the house is probably going to be stressed by all the unknown faces and the noise. So this christmas try to take it easy: invite a few members to celebrate with you and your baby at your place so you can have control of all things. 

2. Create traditions. One of the prettiest way to celebrate your baby's first christmas is by creating every-year traditions. You can chose whatever you like, but donating is always a great idea. Start teaching your baby that those things, clothes or toys s(he) no longer needs, could make another baby happy. In that way you can teach them gratefulness and the value of giving. You can also wear matching pajamas or create cards together. 

3. Get them a gift. Gifts are always a great idea, but make it simple. The whole idea of giving your baby a gift, is for him to have something to unwrap. Clothes are useful, but since your baby is growing, some stimulating toys could be great as well. Make sure you don't buy something to small, because your baby could choke. 

4. Take him to the streets. Take your baby, at least one day, to see christmas lights. Since it is his first christmas, a parade isn't probably the greatest idea because of the noise, but getting him into the car to take a look at the decorations will always be fun. You could also use the opportunity to take him meet Santa. 

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5. Take a photo. Your baby probably won't focus on the camera, but his first christmas could be a great opportunity to start a family photo tradition. Use the opportunity to dress up funny and wear matching outfits, and always make sure your baby is having fun in the way. 

Everything is going to be alright and christmas is going to be memorable if you remember to take into account some things: 

  • Protect your baby from being hurt. Even if your house is baby proof, if you decide to go to a relative's house, make sure to keep your baby near to prevent him from being hurt. Be extra cautious with small christmas decorations, electric cables and fire. 
  • Also, your baby is specially sensitive to stimulation, so make sure to look at him frequently and see how he reacts. 
  • Finally, according to Embarazo 10, make your baby take a longer nap on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve so they are not tired and can share more time with you and the family without too much trouble.


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