How to give a medicine to your baby

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We will give you some tips so you can provide the medication your baby needs without having to battle so much with him

How to give a medicine to your baby

There is something that is inevitable and that all children go through at some point: getting sick and having to take medicine. Fortunately, science is advancing by leaps and bounds and is becoming more effective. However, not all parents know how to give the remedies to their children and a thousand doubts arise at the moment … "Will it be a lot? Will I be doing it well? Why does he cry so much?"

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We are going to tell you what you should keep in mind when giving medicine to your baby prescribed by your pediatrician.

What do you do to have your baby take your medicine?

According to Dodot, there are some necessary steps you should keep in mind before administering any medication to your child.

Pay attention to the position in which you give medicine to your baby. Make sure they are sitting at a 45º angle, this will reduce the risk of suffocation. In general, medication for small children and babies are liquid. The ideal, therefore, is to give it to them with a syringe. Most medications bring one. If this is not the case, you can buy one at the pharmacy.

If your baby is already eating solid foods, you can mix the medicine with one of their favorite foods like apple or pear puree, yogurt or some ice cream. Do this as long as the pediatrician allows it. In case you decide to mix it with juice, use a small amount (less than half a glass). In this way, you will make sure that you take everything.

A good idea, to disguise the bad taste of the medicine, and as long as the child is older than one year, is to cool the medication very well. This will disguise the bad taste, and you can take it much faster.

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Never, under any circumstances, compare medicine with candies. This can confuse your baby. The best is to clarify that it is medicine and that they should take it all to heal and feel better.

The child should not take any remedy without adult supervision, however harmless it may seem.

Avoid bribes, because it will cost you more and more to give the medicine and you will have to offer more and more things. They must understand that it will do them good, heal them and they will feel much better after they take it.

Remind them that they have no choice but to take it. You can tell them that they can choose which cup they are going to take the medication in and where they will take it, for example.

Do not punish them for refusing to take it. In this case, you have no choice but to talk to your child and explain that it is for their good. Human beings usually avoid bitter tastes and medications, in general, are of this flavor.

Keep in mind that before giving any medicine to your baby, it is necessary that you consult with your pediatrician, as he will tell you which are the exact doses and the number of times in the day they should take it.


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