How to stimulate your baby in the womb?

Find here some tips to stimulate your baby before birth so that he or she has a good development

How to stimulate your baby in the womb?

There are many questions that mothers ask themselves during pregnancy. Among them, undoubtedly, is the constant doubt of how during the nine months of pregnancy you will affect your baby in the future and if you can do something to ensure good growth.

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According to Clara Sandoval, bioenergetic pediatrician, for the ABC newspaper, "it is scientifically proven that at three months of gestation, the fetus is connected with the emotions of his mother. What she feels and transmits to her child will be decisive in childhood, adolescence, and the adulthood of the baby".

This is why a correct stimulation will help you to create better bonds with your baby and to empower his/her abilities and senses.

  • Music, for example, stands out for its ability to impact various areas of child development and it is recommended to listen to soothing sounds or to sing to the belly so that the baby learns to differentiate between sounds, rhythms, and movements.
  • In addition, according to the guide "stimulation during pregnancy", you can help your baby from your belly to develop and mature the lobby, an ear structure that has to do with the sense of balance, displacement, and learning. By means of small movements and explorations, to the rhythm of a music or the sounds that your body produces, you can help your baby to have a life full of knowledge.
  • Stroking your belly with some oil or talking to your baby will also allow you to establish a unique connection with him/her. According to a study carried out by researchers at the School of Psychology at the University of Dundee in the United Kingdom, pregnant babies who feel the caresses of their mothers in the belly move their arms, head, mouth, and modify their behavior.
  • Talk to your baby about your work, needs, desires, how much you expect him/her and how happy you feel that he/she is with you. Try that other people that make up your family circle participate in this activity, so when the baby is born you will be more familiar with what surrounds him/her.

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  • In some moments, the baby can perceive some light through the abdominal walls of his mother. An interesting exercise is to cover a flashlight with cellophane paper, to reduce the intensity of the rays, and create patterns of movement on your belly. Start up, go to the center and then to the bottom and repeat so your baby can understand the sequence and follow it with his eyes.
  • Finally, one of the most insistent recommendations during pregnancy is that the mother dedicates daily time to walk. This walk will not only keep her in shape, but will help her release tension, oxygenate her body, and condition her for delivery.


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