How To Teach Your Child To Stay Calm

Raising children is a great challenge and requires the utmost dedication to help them establish beliefs that allow them to have a good life and mold their brains to function at the level of the demands of modern life.

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The changes that we have experienced in the last year have silently affected the little ones and therefore have raised their levels of stress, anxiety, and irritability, making it more difficult for them to regulate their emotions with their brains in the process of development. For this reason, as those responsible for their accompaniment, it is very important to learn tools that allow us to help them increase their emotional intelligence.

From Me to Us

To be able to dominate calm and emotional regulation, you need to work on your ability to control yourself. For this, it is necessary to expand the emotional vocabulary and share it with your child, and understand how the body changes when we are upset, sad, or anxious. Learning to identify what happens with the content of our minds in moments of difficult emotions is crucial. Each step is key to be able to modify the answers that we express.

The Bottle of Calm

You can do it very easily. You only need a preferably plastic jar filled with frost and water. This technique helps children to reduce states of anxiety and/or anger. Besides being a very effective technique to stimulate concentration and selective attention.

You must first explain what it is and what they are going to use it for: When the child feels difficult emotions you are going to ask him to shake it and thus release the accumulated emotional tensions, then you place it in a place at eye level and breathe slowly while they observe how the frost slowly descends until it accumulates at the bottom. This exercise exerts an additional relaxing action that reduces any trace of irritation or anxiety in the child. In fact, it is a very effective method to complement the treatment of childhood anxiety disorder and hyperactivity, as well as being known for its usefulness in training self-control in children with autism and behavior problems.


Use the Calm Formula 3:10

This calming formula helps children refocus their emotions and body in 30 seconds. It is very easy and relaxing to remove anger and intense emotions.

Activate Calm With the 3:10 Technique

Practice with your child several times until he or she knows how to apply it when you say: "Let's do the trick of calming down 3:10 right now."

First, you need to place one or both hands on your stomach and take three deep breaths, feeling your stomach expand as you inhale and then slowly contract as you exhale. Afterward, you should close your eyes and count to ten slowly out loud. When it reaches ten, your kid should take another deep breath and count from 10 to 1, breathe again, and open their eyes.

When your children are going through intense emotions, their ability to reason "turns off" so it is better to go to the sensations to calm down. Remember to teach them these practices in moments of calm as small emotional challenges so that they can incorporate them into their coping strategies. If you expect that the first time you ask them to achieve regulation, you will be frustrated, it is a process of emotional maturation that you can follow one step at a time.

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