3 Apps that will Help You to Become a Soccer Expert

We tell you about some soccer applications that will make you appreciate and understand the sport even more.

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With these three applications you will find all the necessary resources to become a “crack” on the subject. Photo: Pexels

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Have you ever wanted to increase your football knowledge , but don't know where to start? With these three apps you will find all the necessary resources to become a "star" on the subject.

Stats Zone

This app is ideal for the statistically minded analyst or the casual fanatic. Stats Zone provides critical statistics in real time . It has an easy-to-use interface, ideal for multitasking while watching a game.

The depth of the Stats Zone is what makes it an eye-catching app. It gives you live access to detailed data and visualizations of every shot, pass, opportunity created, interception, punts, and foul . Stats Zone also allows you to compare the statistics of each team, player by player, in a way that is unique on the web.

One Football

The One Football application is simply one of the most complete in the world . It contains every information you could need about your favorite team: results, statistics, lineups, match schedules, transfer rumors, confirmed transfers and videos.

Additionally, in One Football you can customize the content you want to follow. You will never receive news of teams or footballers that do not deserve your attention. With live match coverage, you'll never miss the information you need to know.

With almost a million and a half ratings on the Play Store , One Football has an excellent score of 4.7.

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Ejercicios Fútbol Base

If, on the other hand, your interest in soccer is more physical than intellectual, Ejercicios fútbol base is the ideal application for you . This app, as its name implies, has a huge amount of soccer exercises.

The good thing about this tool is that it has a wide variety of options, not all of them are for strength or physical resistance. It has tactical, technical, psychological and even strategy exercises .

All of these trainings come with a short text explanation and a visual aid that, although not the most detailed, gives you a general idea of how to put them into practice.

In summary, this is an ideal application for those who want to train their soccer skills but who, due to time or age, cannot get a coach.

Special mention: Transfermarkt

Transfermarkt has a special mention in this list as it is not an application as such, but a website. This German site is the most complete and detailed in European soccer and specializes in having accurate information on transfers .

This makes it an ideal place to consult all your doubts about the soccer market. If you want to know how the value of a player changes over time or how much each team is worth, this data is available on this website.

For those who are interested in the football business, there is no better place than Transfermarkt.

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