Infographic: Mother’s Day: 6 Apps for Moms that you can’t Miss

Technology can be a Great Ally in Motherhood. On the Occasion of Mother's Day, we show you 6 Essential Apps for Today's Moms!.

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Mother's Day is celebrated in May in most countries of the world. It is a date to celebrate mothers and recognize their important care work. In recent years, many taboos and stereotypes surrounding motherhood have begun to be broken. In this way, today it is possible to find information on pregnancy, childbirth and parenting that provides useful information so that mothers, and also fathers, can carry out their work caring for children with more knowledge and preparation.

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In this sense, technological applications have become great allies in the different stages that surround the world of mothers: from pregnancy to accompanying adolescent children. In fact, you can find almost any topic you can imagine: knowing the state of the baby in the womb, learning about child nutrition, receiving positive parenting tips, learning games for children and establishing security measures with parental protection, among others. Next, we show you different apps for moms that you can download to your cell phone and that will surely help you better organize your life and that of your children.

Mother's Day 2022

In addition, there are other applications or technological resources that, although not specifically for mothers, are very useful for many motherhood issues. For example, on Pinterest you can find ideas for crafts or recipes for children. Also, on the Unicef or pediatric or psychology associations pages you can find various manuals with scientific support on child nutrition, positive parenting or other topics that can be addressed in greater depth.

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