Mental fitness: 7 simple steps to exercise your mind

This innovative program combines physical training with exercises to keep the mind active

This innovative program combines physical training with exercises to keep the mind active

Mental fitness: 7 simple steps to exercise your mind

In recent years it has been more evident that well-being is accompanied by a correct balance between body and mind. That is why ideas such as mental fitness have come to seek a balance between physical training and cognitive stimulation to achieve a higher quality of life and active aging.

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Coach Fer González, deputy director of the Arsenal Feminine Center in Madrid, explained in an interview with Correr y Fitness that with this training “it is achieved in a dynamic and fun way to encourage cognitive stimulation and maintain a good level of physical condition and health. This activity helps to feel active and with a young spirit, at the same time that it slows cognitive deterioration and can avoid suffering from degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and other dementias.”

According to Evergy Fitness, the session lasts one hour distributed as follows:

1. 10 minutes of cardiovascular resistance, preferably choreographed at a rate of about 120-130 bits. Support material such as bands, machines or tapes can be used

2. 10 minutes of cognitive stimulation with classical music and cards of cognitive stimulation of language, attention, calculation, executive functions, perception, memory and one of mandala

3. 10 minutes of joint mobility with a session of yoga, pilates and postural correction whose objective is postural control and alignment, muscle balance and improved breathing

4. 10 minutes of cognitive stimulation with new cards

5. 10 minutes of strength training using dumbbells, medicine ball, rubbers and performing a functional training

6. 5 minutes of cognitive stimulation with board games, puzzles that contribute to enhance the capacities of attention, memory, calculation, fun and social relationship

7. 5 minutes of stretching to finish

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According to El Confidencial, throughout the session the sense of smell is stimulated through different aromas that activate different regions of the brain, such as the hippocampus and the amygdala, strongly related to memory and emotion.

This program is endorsed by the neurologist Pedro Luis Guardado, who explains that “aging leads to worsening in cognitive domains such as attention, memory, language and executive functions. These cognitive deficits have a profound impact on the activities of daily life and the quality of life. Therefore, activities such as mental fitness can help fight brain aging, slowing down memory loss in order to avoid or delay the onset of diseases that affect cognitive decline.”

In addition, according to the trainer González, in a session of mental fitness will be provided to those who practice emotional well-being, improvement of self-esteem and independence to make decisions, ability to overcome, ability to de-dramatize certain situations and the feeling of youth.

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