Monkey Island: one of the most important video games in history

Guybrush Threepwood's graphic adventure master piece turns 30 years old .

Frame from the video game trailer 'Monkey Island'

‘Monkey Island’ turns 30 and remains one of the most important video games in history. / Photo: YT / Telltale Games

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Video games are a great companions during this time of quarantine. Ámbito website highlights that it is a “great hobby”, which allows us to cope with isolation in a better way. This is why, understanding its success, we cannot fail to mention a game that represents a turning point for gamer history .

It is Monkey Island, which is 30 years old and is remembered as a title that "marked a milestone for videogames," according to Diario de Ibiza. We are talking about an absolutely well-known element that revolutionized the way it was played, betting on the narrative and introducing the player to a new genre: graphic adventures. However, it was clear that it was not going to just stay there. Monkey Island also represented a "cultural revolution" for the time in which it came out, maintaining its prestige to date.

The success and massive recognition of Monkey Island

Ron Gilbert's game turns 30. It is a story that, as the EuropaPreess website comments, introduced us to Guybrush Threepwood, a skinny young man who appears on Melée Island to become the most feared pirate in the Caribbean, which is why, in this first installment , the whole story on which the game will be based is entered.

Infobae recalls that the year after its first version came out, the second part of the title was launched and later other stories were introduced. In other words, the concept of "saga", as we know it, began to have meaning since its appearance.

In La Nación they classify it as the “graphic adventure that changed everything”, becoming a classic among the classics. The game is presented in four well differentiated chapters, in which we will have to interact with the different characters of the game. When we meet the most important pirate, we must accomplish 3 tests to become an official pirate.

As revealed by the specialized media 3DJuegos, the tests are: the handling of the sword, the search of the treasure and theft. However, that will not be the only adventure that those who enter this universe must live. At the same time that they forge their own destiny, a legend appears: the Phantom Pirate LeChuck, who knows that there is a newcomer to the island and will seek to find him.

Hence, VidaExtra considers this video game a "turning point between graphic adventures". LucasArts, the company in charge of this edition, decided to venture into this picaresque adventure full of humor. The gameplay was just right, but what was really important was the sensations experienced throughout the story, which had never been taken seriously before.

His characteristic style caused a kind of "culture" to be generated around this title. For example, in Isla de Monos it is mentioned “how big is Monkey Island”. Some of this occurs with the term grog, which is the official drink of pirates. This was achieved through this game, which even caused people who had not experienced these adventures to not understand some jokes, as happened in the case of an Argentine newscast, which fell into a joke on social networks.

They are talking about a game that crossed physical barriers to become "popular culture", as revealed by the media Presura. That is, it is one of our points of reference when it comes to having a vision about piracy, relying on clear influences on adventure (Indiana Jones) or pirate movies.

All this leads to the fact that, in a certain way, we currently associate adventure games with the one who changed everything. In other words, Monkey Island was a before and after when conceiving a video game, not only because of the way we interact with it, but also in taking a leap towards reality by transforming itself into culture.

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