Not Sure What To Wear For Halloween? Five Tips For Improvising A Costume

Here are Five Tips To Improvise A Costume.

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If you are somewhat indecisive or undecided and do not know with what costume you could surprise the people around you, here we give you five economic, useful and effective tips. Photo: Pexels

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The arrival of October brings with it a myriad of issues, such as the last stretch of each calendar year, Columbus Day and the New World, and at the end of the month Halloween; This holiday also receives other names such as All Saints 'Night, Night of the Dead, Halloween or All Saints' Eve and is usually celebrated every October 31 in countries such as Canada, the United States, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Spain, this holiday also stands out in a large part of the Latin American countries.

The origins of this celebration date back more than 2,000 years and it is said that it all began when the Celts celebrated a pagan holiday that had some kind of relationship with the winter solstice. They thought that the year ended every October 31, and that after that day living and dead people could come together, each deceased becoming part of planet earth.

Much later, the tradition began to become popular in the United States and Canada, and year after year Latin American countries have been added, with Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Ecuador being the ones that give the most importance to this type of celebration and that every October 31 they prepare to trick or treat and bring out their best costumes according to the theme of Halloween.

If you are somewhat indecisive or undecided and do not know with what costume you could surprise the people around you, here we give you five inexpensive, useful and effective tips that will allow you to improvise with a very good costume and stand out at the next Halloween celebration .

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1. Take your budget into consideration

Perhaps the most important advice to start visualizing a suit that is made for you is to know the monthly budget you have.  When a party is held that only takes place in a specific month, you are going to have more expenses on those dates. For this reason, it is important that you know if you can use a part of that money to rent or buy a more or less expensive costume, and based on that information, start planning with more certainty.

2. Recycling is always an option

Another option that is always reliable and even more so in these times is to reuse, since it is cheaper and you will also be the brain of the production of the costume, promoting creativity, imagination, and the use of fine motor skills, which can also allow you to have a pleasant time with your family.

3. Use the materials you have at your disposal

If you have a creative mind or you just don't want to spend money on buying a new costume, then you could start looking for all the materials, accessories or any product that you could have in your house, put them together and start designing and building your new costume. This will generate a feeling of satisfaction for having been the person who put it together and you will be able to show it with total confidence on Halloween.

4. Know your tastes

Ask yourself how you would like to dress, how you would like others to see you and what are your favorite themes for this holiday. This will allow you to have an initial clarity regarding what your tastes are and based on that, shuffle a series of options and then visualize the suit that you would like to have for that opportunity..

5. Be original above all

You can be guided by the costume of a famous or famous person or be inspired by costumes that your closest loved ones have used in other years, but it is not advisable to seek to imitate others, since ideally what you wear you feel should make you feel like an authentic person, which will be valued by others, but above all, it will make you feel at the end of the day that the holiday was a positive event for you.

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