Pop It, the Toy That Help You!

Pop It toys have been everywhere lately. Popping the tiny bubbles is satisfying and calming, which makes it a great stress reliever.

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Pop It comes in different shapes and colors. One of its great advantages is that it's very flexible. Thanks to this, it can fit anywhere, including your pocket.

The push and pop are huge on TikTok. As proof of it, the hashtag #popit has racked up more than two billion views. BTN explained the viral sensation by visiting a shop in Sydney that had to stock up after kids kept asking for them. According to the owner of the store, one day, they sold 92 Pop It in 10 minutes. The kids interviewed by BTN explained that the toy is trendy at their school, and almost all the kids have them.

One girl pointed out that it's a toy they can use in class while listening to the lesson. As it works as a stress reliever for the students, teachers don't complain.

Pop it's a reusable colorful bubble wrap. Toy fads aren't anything new. For example, the fidget spinner took off similarly a few years ago but on YouTube.

Although kids love it, young adults are great fans too. Many users on TikTok agree that Pop It is very simple, so pressing the buttons with our fingers can be quite soothing to our minds and bodies. The word "satisfying" has been used many times to describe the sensation that causes this toy.


Has the Pandemic Incentivized the Use of Stress Relief Toys?

A mother wrote the experience of her kids with Pop It in Revista Paula. In the article, she explained that her children desperately asked her to buy one of those for them. She went with them to buy it and realized that it was a trendy toy since it was in the showcase of every store.

When she arrived home, she asked her son what it was, and he told her "to stress relief." Surprised, she asked him, "Are you stressed?" and he replied, "No, it relaxes me."

The pandemic has brought many hobbies to deal with the "new normal." As a consequence, every time is more usual to talk openly about mental health. The fact that Pop It is a sensation among people of all ages, especially the youth, shows the necessity for finding calming hobbies nowadays.

The toy is simple yet brilliant, very reminiscing of classic toys which didn't require the best technology to succeed. Adrienne Appell, senior vice president at the Toy Industry Association, points out that many children used this toy during the lockdown.

According to The New York Times, David Capon, president of the company that produces Pop It, claimed that "sales have risen more than 10-fold in the past year."

The original idea comes from an Israeli company called Theora Design, founded by Theo and Ora Coster. After Ora's sister died of breast cancer, she dreamed about a large field of breasts. When Ora woke up, she told Theo that she wanted to create a toy based on her vision. They did so, and now their creation it's one of the favorite toys during the pandemic.

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