Post vacation depression: how to overcome it?

Learn practical tips to make returning to school or work less traumatic

Post vacation depression: how to overcome it?

The vacation season is just around the corner and we all know that after spending several days of a well-deserved rest, it is normal for the body to get used to the state of relaxation that this period of time offered. However, at the end of these glorious days everything returns to normal abruptly.

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This return to reality can affect the way you perform your tasks again and it can make you feel like you have never been on vacation. That feeling is known as The Melancholy of Autumn.

Andre Lemaire, author of the book A Thousand and One Remedies for Health, which collects results from the practical experience of a doctor, proposes two methods to overcome holidays and vacations and make the transition from rest to work without difficulty.

Method 1: you can apply it if you still have a few days of vacation. The method consists of four steps; all of them must be carried out each day before:

  • Step 1. Carry out an anti-fatigue walk, consisting of walking 100 slow steps and running smoothly for 25 stretches for an hour. It is important that you do it with the right shoes. This ride helps the nervous system and circulation.
  • Step 2. Eat three apples, especially ripe. The ideal is that you consume them during the anti-fatigue ride. Apples help detoxify the liver and kidneys from excesses during vacations.
  • Step 3. Learn to be lazy, the author considers that you should take those days to sleep, recommends 12 hours of sleep, get up late, take half-hour naps and spend good time in activities that do not require so much effort.
  • Step 4. Breathe, is based on breathing like astronauts. You must lie on the floor with your head on a pillow and put your arms in a cross. Inhale the air through the nose, then pinch the nose with the right hand and try to blow, but without actually doing it. With your hand still on your nose, count to 10 and release the air through your mouth with your arms crossed. This breathing helps the brain receive a greater influx of blood. The ideal is that you do it for 10 minutes.

Method 2: It is appropriate if you have just finished your vacation days, it is divided IGNORE INTO three steps that you must carry out every day for a week.

  • Step 1. The essence of lavender helps create a relaxing environment that will allow you to sleep better. The recommended thing is to put a bottle of lavender uncovered in the room during the night. These days you should go to bed at 9 or 10, if it is possible to take calcium, to recharge your energy and perform at work.
  • Step 2. Do express gymnastics, when you wake up stand up, place your hands on your hips and jump on the same place as high as you can for about 3 minutes. At the end, if you have time, you can put warm water cloths on the lower back.
  • Step 3. Eat better, if you had too much food and drink during the holidays, the author recommends taking lemonade with a spoonful of wheat germ. Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables and before sleep drink tea.

After following these steps carefully, you will feel that you did have a vacation!


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