The best Putin memes

Few political personalities generate so much attention from meme creators, that's why today we present this small collection of memes.

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Vladimir Putin is undoubtedly one of the personalities that attracts the most world attention and this has created a fertile field for the creators of memes.

In 2015 he signed a law in which it was forbidden in Russia to make memes about him and his close circle, which did not prevent the rest of the world from making memes about him.

December has been a good month for those who criticize the Russian leader, in the second week of the month, when vaccination began in that country using the Sputnik vaccine, he said that he would not be vaccinated because it was not safe for people over 60 years old. And on December 22, he signed a law granting himself lifelong immunity for any crime he may have committed.

With all this, it was impossible not to make this collection of memes and share them with you.





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