We have the latest Covid 20 memes

They have just announced the Covid 19 vaccine and we woke up to the news of a new strain that on Social Media has been called Covid 20 and we already have it's memes.

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Since December 16 in the United Kingdom a Covid 19 strain has been reported that has 9 new mutations and for which there is uncertainty if the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are effective. Some people with a good sense of humor call it Covid 19 Pro, alluding to paid apps for mobile devices, others call it Covid 20 and since December 20 it has been trending in Social Media.

With the arrival of this strain, the world has blocked transport to and from the United Kingdom, and has filled the world with uncertainty at a time when just started the vaccination process was still being celebrated.

It is still early to know what implications this new strain has, and so that we do not despair from this news, we present you very funny memes about Covid 20.

Share it with your friends and get vaccinated with laughter from this news.









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