The best short smartphone games to relax quickly

Let's see the fastest proposals to satisfy your gamer desires .

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Video games take up a large part of our time. The problem is that, sometimes, we want to have some games to pick up and play.

One of them is, according to Marca, Among Us, which became the third most-played title on Steam, thanks to mechanics suitable for everyone, cooperative online and, above all, short sessions. Therefore, we decided to see which are the best quick games so that you can enjoy them from your smartphone in a few minutes.

I'm Ping Pong King :)

We start with one of the shortest games, but also the most dynamic, attractive, and adrenaline pumping on this list. From the specialized medium of El Androide Libre they highlight that it is the "most minimalist version of this beautiful sport", where you only need to use your fingers.

The game is simple: you play ping pong, with a minimalistic aesthetic. The table is divided into two sides, and each player chooses his own. 

Subway Surfers

A classic, but not necessarily out of style. It was the cornerstone of this kind of game, where we will automatically move forward and have to take lateral movements to avoid falling into the hands of the police, since we are a vandal teenager who is caught doing graffiti in a train station.

From the Hello Friki website, they emphasize that the objective is to go as far as possible, collecting coins and certain objects that will make the game much more dynamic, thanks to power-ups. Therefore, we must have quick reflexes and, at the same time, try to exceed our own marks.

Super Toss The Turtle

One of the most random games on this entire list. From El Español they emphasize that it is the "most random randomness at the expense of a turtle", since it is one of those meaningless games, where we can find spikes, cannons, bombs, Goku or different elements through various scenarios.

The goal is really simple: throw a turtle into the air … and wait to see what happens. We will launch it through a device, so the idea is to cross obstacles and travel as far as possible. All this, at the same time as we use different weapons to extend our journey. 

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Candy Crush Saga

We are not only talking about one of the most classic games, but also one of the most successful. From XLSemanal they highlight that it is a game that has millions of players hooked, thanks to a simple logic: move candies, licorices and chocolates to create rows of up to 3 candies of the same color.

At the same time, it is a game with short sessions, but that “forces you to wait”. The specialized medium Xataka Móvil mentions that playing a couple of short games will make us return to our obligations later, since passing a level will make us feel better psychologically for having found a solution.

Landing Confirmed

Finally, we have one of the lesser-known titles on this list, but one that also has really addictive gameplay. From the Xataka Windows website, they highlight that this installment had good reviews on Android and iOS, with a minimalist design, without great graphics, but with a very well achieved learning curve.

From One Windows they also mention that the idea is to be able to guide a small rocket through different stages, trying not to collide with anything, while avoiding collisions ourselves. Therefore, they are short games for casual smartphone players, which will allow you to relax for a while.


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