Oldest goal scorers still in activity

Although the years go by, some footballers maintain their quality and achieve goals that nobody thought possible. Let's see the most iconic cases of today .

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and José Sand

We tell you which are some of the oldest players who still play in important teams. / Photos: IG / iamzlatanibrahimovic, IG / pepesand.9

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When we talk about important center forwards, we generally refer to those who are in full swing . In other words, players who, being relatively young, can maintain themselves at an enormous level, enjoy excellent matches and have extraordinary scoring streaks.

However… what if this is not the case? That is, quality does not always have to do with a low age, something that can be appreciated in the case mentioned by Mundo Deportivo, that of Joaquín Sánchez, Betis captain, whom he equates with the protagonist of the film Benjamin Button, due to to the insanity that implies that, at 39, he has an even better performance than he did when he was young.

We could see this in the field of goals, on which the AS website highlights that Elche FC began the era of technical director Jorge Almirón with a goal from Nino, the historic attacker of the Spanish First Division team, who currently he is about 40 years old. So we decided to find out who are the longest-running scorers in business .

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

We begin by talking about a true eminence and star to whom the years do not pass . The Swede recently turned 39, so, according to the El Intra website, true to his style, he decided to give himself an impressive birthday present: a Porsche 911 Targa 4S Heritage Design Edition, a model that was only made in 992 copies.

He was able to afford it due to his enormous performance, currently playing for AC Milan in Italy, a club where he is completely loved . So much so that the specialized medium Sport speaks of the "eternal youth" of the Swede, since he scored 14 goals in the 22 games this year, which is why the forward is also considered as Benjamin Button.

Jose Sand

Here again we have a curious case . The Argentine forward is one of the greatest idols of Lanús, a club in which he managed to become the top scorer in its history. Despite his 40 years, the Correntino recently signed a contract renewal, for which he will remain linked to the garnet institution for a year, according to the news agency Télam.

As we mentioned, what is really important about this case is that, regardless of age, he is always one of the figures in the First Division of Argentina . Clarín reported that the forward is the top scorer in Argentine soccer activity, in addition to converting 35 penalties, 16 in a row.

All these achievements that Pepe Sand achieved are exclusive to the maroon jersey, since, during his time with other teams, he had low performances , where many predicted that his career was "over". However, each time he returned to Lanús, he showed that it is his “place in the world”, winning titles and huge scoring streaks.

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Kazoyoshi miura

The age bar begins to rise higher and higher . It is about a Japanese striker who, as warned from Olé, managed to establish a new brand in the Professional League of that country, since he was a starter at 53 years old, being the longest in that category. This happened in the match in which his team, Yokohama FC, lost to Kawasaki Frontale 3-2.

However, that was not the only record he had during his long career . From the specialized media 442 they said that, in 2017, the striker achieved an incredible record on the planet: he became the oldest footballer to score a goal, doing it at 50 years and 14 days, surpassing Stanley Matthews, who with 50 years and 5 days scored for Stoke City in 1965.

Eez Eldin Bahder

Finally, we have the most incredible case on this entire list . As reported by the Infobae media, an Egyptian club signed a 74-year-old soccer player, known as Eez Eldin Bahder, who intends to enter the Guinness Book of Records and be the oldest player in the world.

The club in which he signed a contract was on October 6, Egypt's Third Division team. The most curious thing of all is that the specialized BeSoccer website revealed that, in his first match at the club, he managed to score, being the oldest scorer of all time, reaching that mark at 75 years of age and showing that, in some cases, the passage of time means nothing .

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