The Infallible Medicine To Overcome These Times

With the passage of time and through the centuries, there is something that has allowed human beings to survive any war and has allowed humanity to cope with any situation: Hope.

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Having hope implies the most powerful energy on the face of the earth: Love.

In a world, as convulsed as the one we live in, it takes more than money, fame, success, prestige, knowledge, social position, to survive. It requires hope, strength, and inner power and this comes from something that exceeds the limits of understanding, powerful and creative energy that transforms, transmutes, and transcends any situation: Love! and love heals!!!

Love reveals the spiritual meaning behind the phrase "What you do to others, you do to yourself." When you love and experience the reflection of that love, you become aware of that effect and the responsibility it implies. From the knowledge of this effect, you will be able to manage your strength in a responsible way, and in this way, you will understand that love heals.

And yes, it is evident that love has been a vital impulse for several elderly and children who have been part of a project in Canada in which houses for the elderly are combined with an orphanage house. The elderly found someone to give their love to, as they adopted orphans as their grandchildren and orphaned children, found in their adopters, the love they never had from their parents.

It has been evident how the health condition of the elderly improved and their will to live also because they felt useful and loved again.


Love, Better Than a Medication

It is scientifically proven that the levels of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin rise with love, and this causes the person to enter a noticeable state of well-being. This applies, not only to what is defined as romantic love, it generally occurs when a person experiences love in any of her expressions.

1. Oxytocin: Strengthens the bonds of trust and affection, it is also called the love hormone. It is a hormone that intervenes directly in sexual arousal and increases during both female and male orgasm.

2. Serotonin and Dopamine: Serotonin improves mood and appetite, it is also called the hormone of happiness because it helps regulate emotions. Dopamine for its part moves us to achieve something that we consider positive is known as the neurotransmitter of pleasure.

In conclusion, if we understand love as the vibrant and powerful energy that can influence others, we can see it as a binding substance. Love is a matrix of healing consciousness capable of transforming the world if each human being makes it part of themselves, expressing it through consciousness, feelings, and action.

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