The most important graphic leaps in the history of videogames

These are some of the video game titles that surprised us with their technology .

Frame from the video game trailer 'UNCHARTED 4: A Thief's End'

These are some of the video games that represented a graphic leap for their time. / Photo: YT-Play Station

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The launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X was important to the gaming community. As with every model launched on the market, expectations are high, due to the possibility of a “graphic leap” compared to the previous generation. This can be seen with NBA 2K21, the basketball game that proved that details in games can be taken to another level.

Another title that allowed us to see the graphical comparison is Demon's Souls Remake . In this case, we are talking about a title that had been released for the PS3, which further demonstrates the graphical power of this console. Given this panorama, we decided to find out other titles that represented a graphic leap for their time.

Streetfighter II

Although there have been titles that, previously, also meant advances for technology, this marked a before and after to see the power for which video games were prepared. This 1991 edition, released for the arcade, unleashed a veritable fever for two-dimensional fighting games.

It was a delivery that took great advantage of closed environments, that is, it did not give freedom of exploration. However, unlike what happened in the first installment, all the characters had a personality, all the details were taken advantage of and there was a technical lucidity that generated addiction in their gameplay.

Super Mario 64

A title that marked a generation. In 1996, the title that referred precisely to this new platform came to the newborn Nintendo 64: Super Mario 64. It was a "revolution" because it marked a before and after in the history of the video game.

Why? Well, the answer is simple: for graphic power. We had the iconic character of the plumber, although with very different scenarios … since everything was in 3 dimensions. This feeling of freedom was indescribable, as it allowed us to explore a castle and hundreds of settings, which gave rise to everything we know today.

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Metal Gear Solid

Two years later, in 1998, we would also have an iconic title, this time for the original PlayStation. The HobbyConsolas website also emphasizes when saying that it was a delivery that "marked a whole generation", where, from the first sequences, we can realize that we are facing something great.

That is, instead of having prerecorded sequences, moments that happened in real-time were used, giving more unity and realism to the story. It was a proposal that brought us much closer to the cinematographic style of today, which, for that moment, was a spectacular innovation.


Another of the great graphic leaps on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. Launched in 2007, it consisted of a title that surprised the world with its “high graphic quality”, something that came hand in hand with very high requirements at that time. It was a turning point when introducing the unified shader architecture, taking advantage of the environment with a great level of detail.

From the media La Información, they even say that it is a game that is now "old", but that even many current computers are not capable of running. This is due to the photorealistic graphics level that implied a milestone in the industry, all due to the possibilities offered by the CryEngine 2 graphics engine, taken to the highest level.

Uncharted 4

One of the most important of the now previous generation of consoles that is an exclusive title of the PS4 that was launched in 2016. From the Red Bull website, they think that the graphics are "impressive", being the delivery that allowed demonstrate the capabilities of the PS4, perfectly recreating the modeling of the characters thanks to motion capture technology.

This Naughty Dog title, according to IGN, generated "movie" graphics, with action scenes that border on absolute realism, small details in faces that are incredible or dreamlike landscapes. Therefore, it only remains to see what the new generation of consoles has in store for us that also excite us with graphic novelties in games.

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