5 Ideal Destinations to Travel on Halloween

Discover the best places to live an adventure full of horror on the night of October 31! We bring you 5 scary places to travel on Halloween.

Bran Stoker Castle

We invite you to know the best places to spend an unforgettable Halloween night. Photo: Unsplash

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Today, Halloween night is celebrated in many regions of the world. However, some special places have already communicated on social media to reveal the great details they offer for the weekend. That is why LatinAmerican Post invites you to know the best places to spend an unforgettable night.

La Siberia: the small paranormal city of Bogotá

The town of La Sibera is one of the scariest places in Colombia, where hundreds of kids go in search of paranormal videos. If it was a town with more than 80 families and various businesses, what happened? The Cementos Samper company created La Siberia Factory and the CEMEX Group bought it, but after a few years it closed. Many of the workers who stayed there committed suicide due to the loss of their jobs and others left it permanently.

La Siberia has received many visitors with the purpose of living the experiences of those who inhabited the town. However, they have no words to describe the number of events that take place at night, noises, choirs with children, as if the city was full of people. A complete city that lives dark experiences every day!


Universal Orlando Resort theme park with its best event of 2021 "Hallowen Horror Nights"

One of the most amazing places circulating on social media is Universal Studios Hallowen Horror Nights. According to its website, the theme park has terrifying haunted houses and "scare zones" with monsters that you will see in the streets. The site has only one purpose: to make you have nightmares every night of your stay.

Its program allows visitors to be chased by scare actors, not only in street experiences, but in their haunted houses with terrifying actions that will make you bristle with fear.

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Bran Stoker Castle or Dracula's Castle

If you do not know Romania, then this great mystery legend will undoubtedly make you travel the Route of Dracula. The huge mansion was built on the highest part of the mountain, approximately 200 meters high. The castle has 60 rooms that are closely linked to underground passageways. This makes users feel terrified when spending a night in the impressive mansion.

There are several tours to this dark place, not only during the day when you can see its landscapes, but also at night. Living an adventure like this will make you have nightmares at night.


Aokigahara: the huge sinister forest of suicides

Inside this great forest there is a terrible legend, hundreds of Japanese visit the place to end their lives due to various family or financial problems. The place is full of ghastly caverns hidden by slender leafy trees.

According to Tripadvisor, there are various tours to the Aokigahara forest for people who like horror adventures, both during the day and at night. The tour gives you the opportunity to have an expert guide so as not to get lost in the dense forest. It just looks creepy in Photos! So, imagine going into the forest.


El bosque de Aokigahara, vinculado durante años a los fantasmas de los muertos en la literatura y el folclore japoneses, se ha hecho famoso en los últimos años por ser el «bosque de los suicidas».

— j.l. cuerasolatorre (@2b10julio_l) October 24, 2021

The huge haunted castle of Charleville in Ireland

The dark shadow of the castle of Charleville is one of the events that you cannot miss. Paranormal events are terrifying, as children playing and laughing are heard inside the rooms. Legend says that little Harriet died on the castle stairs trying to slide down the handrail. In addition, there is a string of oaks at the entrance, which they consider that when the tree loses one of its branches, one of the members of the family dies.

In short, the most terrifying places you can visit are presented to you by LatinAmerican Post. Which one is your favorite? Do not miss the opportunity to go to visit them.

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