5 reasons to make a solo travel in 2020

Here are five reasons (and three advices) that you should keep in mind if you decide 2020 is the year you will go on your own.

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Women are solo travelling more than man: according to 2014 survey, 72 percent of American women like to travel solo. In the UK, according to Hostel World, 75% of women borned between the mid-90’s to mid-00’s have already travelled or planned to travel, compared to 67% of men borned in the same decade. 

According to the same site, over the past four years bookings made by female solo travellers have increased by 88%, with American women leading the list with 20%, followed by Germany 11%, UK 10%, Australia 8% and Canada 7%. 

As read on Vox, there are statistics that show how some women have decided to leave behind marriage and kids for careers. Doing so, they have gained more money and flexibility, and have started searching for new and fulfilling experiences.

When it comes to traveling solo there are many preconceptions that need to be left behind. The most difficult part of it is packing your bags and booking a flight; once you do that, the adventure starts. Here are five reasons (and three advices) that you should keep in mind if you decide 2020 is the year you will go on your own

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1. The freedom: no matter who you travel with, your family, your friends or your partner, there will always be a discussion about where to go, what to do or where to eat. Traveling alone will give you a sense of freedom that you will surely enjoy and embrace. You make the rules. 

2. It will boost your confidence: traveling solo reveals strenghts you probably did not know about. Carrying a heavy backpack, handling touts, exploring new places, hearing and learning new languages are just some of the things you will probably do, and by doing so, you are breaking stereotypes about what "women can do"

3. You will meet new people: even though being on your own can be a little overwhelming, you will meet people at the hotel or in the guided tours that are likely to become your travel buddies. There are also several sites online in case you like to keep it safer, such as Women Who Travel, that will contact you with a friendly community of solo travellers. 

4. Leaving all behind: whatever it is, travelling solo is a great opportunity to leave situations, places or even people behind. You can get away from all the chaos and the pressure by simply booking a flight. 

5. You will learn a lot: wherever you go, there are several things to learn. Engage with the culture of the places you are visiting, learn some history about it, use this opportunity to learn and open your mind to different things. 

If you are convinced to travel solo, keep these things in mind: 

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1. Don´t give out your acommodation: as Solo Traveler World says, that one is your safe place and you could be in danger if you give it out to strangers. 

2. Pack light: decide what activities you are interested in and try packing the minimum. If you need hiking boots pack one pair, not two. Select clothes that match the wather of the place you are visiting. 

3. Go all local: according to Solo Traveler World, traveling on your own is a great opportunity to be supportive of local economies, so eat local food, meet local people and stay in a local acommodation to make sure that your money is not leaving the country you are visiting. 

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