6 Destinations to Visit on Your Summer Break

If you are a student planning to go on a vacation but aren’t sure where you should go, we have you covered!.

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Without any doubt, traveling has plenty of perks, especially while you are young and still in college. However, though it is always exciting and fun, there is one thing about traveling that many people find extremely challenging – it is the choice of the perfect destination that would match their budget, needs, and wishes.

Things get even more complicated when you are a student. Most likely, you will be much more restrained in your choice than adult travelers. And this fact can really make it much harder to pick the destination.

But don’t worry! If you are a student planning to go on a vacation but aren’t sure where you should go, we have you covered! In this article, we are going to tell you about six exciting destinations from all around the world that you can consider for your summer break. Let’s dive in!

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  1. Florida

Given the widespread legend about crowds of Spring Breakers invading the beaches of Florida, you shouldn’t be surprised to see this destination on our list. Indeed, Florida, with its stunning beaches and noisy parties, is a great place for college getaways. And not only in spring!

How to travel to Florida for a summer break? Well, you will definitely want to save quite a lot of money for this. You might as well need to enlist the help of the professional essay service in case you will need to deal with any academic assignments because this destination isn’t for studying but for having lots of fun. But it’s well worth it!

  1. Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is another stunning location for a summer break. This destination is well-known not only in the US but beyond as well. The main benefits of this city are its breathtaking landscapes, the unique experiences that can be found here, beautiful beaches, and much more.

One more thing worth mentioning concerning Salt Lake City is that it is much less crowded compared to Florida. But, since it is still a highly touristy place, you should be prepared to spend some money here.

  1. Crete

If you are looking to go further than touristy places in the US, then the island of Crete located in Greece might be one of the options worth considering. A beautiful island surrounded by several different seas attracts students with its jaw-dropping landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and unique Greek atmosphere.

Of course, it might be a bit expensive to fly here, but one thing you should know is that the rest of the attractions and activities in Crete can be rather cheap. The same goes for accommodation. Thus, if you are on a budget, you can save significantly on rental, food, and activities, to compensate for the high price tag of a flight.

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  1. Cappadocia

We bet that many of you have seen captivating shots of dozens of air balloons going up over the desert. The place is called Cappadocia, it is located in Turkey, and it is one of those spots you can consider for your vacation.

Best part? This destination is considered to be rather cheap in many terms, including daily expenses, food, activities, and even accommodation. On average, tourists should expect to spend $30-$35 a day while staying here. The biggest expense in this trip would be the plane tickets.

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  1. Sicily

If you are interested in seeing more than just beautiful beaches, this might be an option for you. The island of Sicily is a perfect blend of archaeological sites, good food, sandy beaches with blue waters, and medieval villages.

Unlike the previous spots that are perfect for lazy summer vacations, Sicily is best for cultural trips. It will definitely come to your liking if you enjoy seeing unique places, world heritage sites, and discovering the culture of a new place.

  1. Amsterdam

If you are not looking for typical summer destinations, then Amsterdam can be a great place to go for a different kind of vacation. This unique place has everything you may want. From worldwide famous historical sites like the Anne Frank House to beautiful architecture and parks – there really are many things to do.

Finally, Amsterdam is also known as the perfect spot for beer tours. The city has a huge diversity of great pubs, so if you are a true fan of beer, this might be one more reason to consider Amsterdam for your vacation.

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of stunning places in our world that are definitely worth visiting. This list only includes a very few of them. But, these are some of the best options for student travelers to meet their desires to discover the world, relax, and, of course, have lots of fun.

We hope that this article was helpful in terms of choosing the perfect spot for your next big adventure!

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