7 Latin American destinations not to be missed for Holy Week (Part 1)

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In this first part, we present you 3 of the 7 destinations that you can visit in this Holy Week. Do not miss our next article with the other four places

7 Latin American destinations not to be missed for Holy Week (Part 1)

Easter is just around the corner, and undoubtedly many of you are without plans to rest these days. Do not despair; you are still in time to book a ticket and get away from the intense hustle and bustle of cities. Then we bring you three Latin American paradisiacal destinations; In the next installment, we will return with four other destinations to make an exclusive plan for Holy Week, if you want to live a unique religious experience.

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1. Jericoacoara, Brazil

This small fishing village located in the state of Ceará, northeast of Brazil, is a must-see destination if one wants to enjoy beautiful beaches with more nature than buildings and condominiums. There are two ways to get to this earthly paradise: the complex but economic is by Fortaleza, the capital of the state, located about 300 km from 'Jeri,' as locals affectionately call it.

There are several transportation options available, such as private buses or vans. We have to keep in mind that missing some 24 km to reach Jeri, monumental dunes are protecting the beaches of most vehicles, so this last tour must be completed in a 4×4. If one thinks of renting a car, we can not forget this little detail.

7 Latin American destinations not to be missed for Holy Week (Part 1)

The other option, easy but not so economical, is to land at Cruz airport, located about 30 km from the beaches. Why is this option more expensive, if Cruz's distance to the village is barely a tenth that from Fortaleza? Before, the capital was the only convenient way to get there. The Cruz airport opened only two years ago, so it has a high demand for tickets that were previously sold to Fortaleza. Also, the transports have almost the same value as that of Fortaleza.

Fortunately, there is accommodation for all budgets, from cheap hostels to small luxurious inns. The gastronomic offer, in addition to delicious and varied, also fits all budgets available. The nightlife is very quiet; this place is more for contemplating nature, surfing and windsurfing and resting on the beach. A fantastic feature of this place is that one can witness both sunrise and sunset; It goes the same with the moon.

2. Huacachina, Peru

Huacachina is world famous for being the only true oasis in South America. This large lagoon is just five kilometers from Ica, the capital of the province of the same name, located 350 km south of Lima. Around the oasis, a small community was formed, dedicated almost exclusively to tourism. There are a few hostels, hotels, restaurants, bars and an occasional souvenir shop.

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In addition to the oasis, Huacachina is desired by its endless dunes. If you like adrenaline, the first thing you have to do is practice sandboarding or go for a ride in a buggy. The tours in these sand vehicles are suitable – and recommended – for everyone. One can choose the wild ride, where the expert driver will drive at high speeds, emulating the experience of a roller coaster. Quiet, if you want a more calm trip, you can choose that option.

Young backpackers are the majority in this immense desert, so the nightlife is quite hectic (in fact it is normal for the Ica locals to go there only to get dressed) and the prices for lodging and food are accessible. Of course, if you want, and have what with, there is a luxury hotel perfect to rest with the family.

Arriving is quite easy if we compare it with other paradisiac destinations. If you are from another country, you have to get to Lima and take an air taxi to Ica. From there to the lagoon there are ten minutes on land, and there are both buses and taxis. It is essential to wear sunscreen because of the intensity of the sun and appropriate glasses since it is effortless for the sand to get into your eyes.

7 Latin American destinations not to be missed for Holy Week (Part 1)

3. Salinas grandes de Jujuy y Salta, Argentina

In Argentina, there are several huge Salinas, but we have no doubt that the one between the provinces of Jujuy and Salta, in the north of the country, is the most beautiful there is. It covers an area of 212 km2 (the third largest in South America) and is perfect for getting lost between the blue sky and the flat white desert. We also recommend wearing sunglasses, because if the sky is clear by day, the sun's projection on the salt is solid for the eyes.

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But it's not just about salary. In addition to some souvenir shops and saline mining machinery, some deposits confirm that there were some indigenous settlements since before the arrival of the Spaniards. There are also several huge cracks quite shocking to the human eye. While there is little variety of fauna, the only thing that is there is wonderful.

7 Latin American destinations not to be missed for Holy Week (Part 1)

There is an excellent variety of birds and a large population of vicuñas, animals similar to llamas. The best thing that could happen to you is to arrive after a rain because with the precipitations puddles are formed that are aesthetically beautiful in the salt, similar to the cleanest mirrors in the world. The only bad thing is that there is no lodging option in the salt, so it is necessary to go to sleep in some towns or nearby cities, such as Purmamarca (66 km), Tilcara (91 km), Humahuaca (134 km), San Salvador de Jujuy (131) km, Salta (248 km). All these places have specialized transportation to the salt pans. It should be noted that this unique place is 4000 km high, so not everyone will have a good time if it is not well conditioned before arriving.

Stay tuned for our next installment of unmissable Latin American places to rest at Easter.


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