Find out how much it will cost you to attend the biggest Rock festival on the continent

The LatinAmerican Post team developed a budget of what it will cost you to visit Bogotá if you decide to come to enjoy 'Rock al Parque'

Find out how much it will cost you to attend the biggest Rock festival on the continent

Every year, since 1995, a totally free music event has been held in the capital of Colombia, inviting national and foreign rock lovers: The 'Rock al Parque' Festival. This year, in its version number 23, it expects to receive some 246,700 attendees, of which 28,000 will be tourists.

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On August 18, 19 and 20, Bogotá will have a quality lineup, since artists such as Pussy Riot, Quentin Gas and Los Zíngaros and Apolo 7 will be attending. With genres ranging from Metal to Reggae, the capital will vibrate and celebrate inclusion and diversity. This festival has positioned itself as one of the continent's most attended.

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The LatinAmerican Post team developed a budget of what your visit to Bogotá will cost you from abroad and some things you should keep in mind before packing your bags:

1. Air tickets: According to the specialized search portal, Kayak, the tickets to Colombia, traveling from abroad, vary in costs depending on the country of origin. Below is a list based on the cheapest offers:

Argentina – Bogota: 458.18 USD
Brasilia – Bogota: 806.17 USD
Mexico City – Bogota: 620.62 USD
New York – Bogotá: 791.16 USD
London – Bogotá: 926.89 USD

2. According to Global Exchange, if you decide to rent a car with companies like Avis to transport you around the city, this will cost you approximately 39.82 USD without counting the gasoline, which is currently on average at 2.82 USD. If instead, you decide to move on public transport, which is the easiest way to travel the city, a Transmilenio ticket is costing 0.73 USD.

3. The capital's food offer is impressive. You can find from restaurants with very high prices to fast foods that will not take much of your budget. Eating at a medium-priced restaurant through the streets of Bogotá can cost between 4.98 and 6.64 USD.

On the contrary, eating at a recognized restaurant, such as Andrés Carne de Res Express, may cost per person, including drinks and dessert, approximately USD23.33.

4. If you do not have a place to stay, the cost of accommodation in Bogota will depend on the luxury you want to give. Booking with KAYAK, a two-star hotel may be costing from USD9 per night. While one of four stars, such as the Hotel Estelar la Fontana, will charge you around 133 USD per night.

5. In total, for a trip of three days to the capital of the country, a foreign tourist can be spending on average between 550 to 1000 dollars if he decides to keep the luxuries to the limit. On the contrary, if you go for the most expensive options, you may be spending on average from about $ 750 to $ 1300.

6. Before traveling, keep in mind that the climate of Bogotá is cold and even more so at this time of year, so you should always bring an umbrella, a jacket, and light clothing. People are usually very friendly with foreigners, but you should not trust the account anymore. If you feel lost look for official members of the national police and they will guide you.

Close to Simón Bolívar Park, where the festival will be held, there is a wide range of tourist activities, including more than 50 museums, the flea market, the journalist's park, the Candelaria neighborhood and the Chorro de Quevedo.

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Translated from 'Conoce cuánto te costará asistir al festival de Rock más grande del continente'

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