Great Perks of Getting a Dollywood Season Pass

The vibe of Dollywood makes it worth a visit. It is why millions of travelers come back every year.

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Dollywood is one of the highlights of the Great Smoky Mountains. It is a theme park that boasts high-flying roller coasters for all ages. You can also groove to the toe-tapping musical performances and sample delicious Appalachian recipes. If you want to pick some artisanal souvenirs and gifts for yourself or someone special, Dollywood is the place to be.

The vibe of this energetic whirl of fun makes it worth a visit. It is why millions of travelers come back every year.

If you're planning to visit more than once, then the Dollywood Season Pass is a great way to maximize your experience.

The passes cost:

  • Silver Pass – $154

  • Gold Pass – $219

  • Diamond Pass – $319

Here are some fantastic perks that come with the Dollywood Season Pass:

Multiple Entries:

Doesn't it break your heart a little every time you have to depart from Dollywood and its Southern charm? You mentally promise to return soon, but the daily ticket price can be a dampener. The good news is that the Season Pass allows you to come and go as you like for no additional payment.

You can spend days here or drop by for an hour. It is entirely up to you. With such a flexible policy, you can plan surprise trips for your family and friends.

Discounts on Dining and Shopping:

No theme park experience is complete without munching on some delicious treats. With the Dollywood Season Pass, you get discounts on food outlets in the park. You can enjoy 15% off shopping and dining if you are a Gold pass holder. But with a Diamond pass, you get a discount of 20%.

You can also shop at some gift shops and boutiques in the area with the same benefits.

So, fill up on all the yummy treats without feeling guilty about your wallet. And pick up some exciting souvenirs for everyone back home. 

Bring Friends for Free:

What's fun without your squad, right? Who will click your "candid" pictures while you scream your lungs out on the theme park rides? With a Dollywood Season Pass, you get Bring-A-Friend passes. Each of these tickets is worth $84. Can you imagine the amount of money you'd save?

The ones with Silver and Gold passes get two free tickets. But if you've got the Diamond pass, you can bring four friends for free. So much fun!

Enjoy the Golden Hours:

The excitement of trying a new thrilling ride or show will surely give you the chills. But long queues can dampen your energy and enthusiasm. That's why Dollywood came up with the Golden Hours. These are exclusive hours when the Gold and Diamond pass holders can access the TimeSaver program for the first hour of each working day. Through this program, you can expedite entry to rides. It will cut your wait time. You can also buy a full TimeSaver pass for an entire day. The Gold pass holders will get a discount of 5% on it, while the Diamond card makes you eligible for a 10% off.

Discount on One-Day Tickets:

There is no moment of sorrow in Dollywood. If your friend doesn't have a Season Pass, and if you've used all your Bring-A-Friend tickets, they still can tag along with you. All they have to do is buy an all-day ticket at a discounted price from the Season Pass Center. 

If you have a Silver pass, you will get $5 off on each one-day ticket you purchase. Gold pass holders will get $10 off, while a Diamond card holder is eligible for a $15 discount on each ticket.

All the more reasons to invite your loved ones and make the most of your Dollywood experience.

Early Saturday Entry:

Saturdays are officially swag days at Dollywood. The park opens early, and the season pass holders can enter an hour earlier than the general public. Imagine an extra hour at the park! 

So, wake up bright and early to make the most of this exclusive offer. We recommend you take advantage of this and grab those front-row seats for the show or try out all the thrilling rides before the queue gets too long.

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Free Season Pass for Pre-K Kids:

Did we just say FREE? That's right. Dollywood offers a free Season Pass for Pre-K kids born between 2017 and 2018. There is nothing better than this deal. Kids enjoy all the attractions and thrilling rides at no extra cost. 

In addition, you don't have to get an adult pass to buy a kid's pass. Isn't that twice the save? Oh, and the Splash Country waterpark also offers a free Season Pass for children between the same age group.

Free Parking:

There is one inevitable aspect of any amusement park—parking. And it can get a little confusing and expensive sometimes, especially when bringing your friends or family members. Circling for a parking spot can be time-consuming and add to your expense. But with a Dollywood season pass, you get free parking throughout the year. You can also get discounts on valet services and other recreational activities.

A Day of Free Fountain Drink Refills:

Did you know that becoming a Season Pass holder can also make your taste buds happy? It's true. All the pass holders get free fountain drink refills for one day every month when they present their pass at any of the food courts in the park. Then in the future, you can use $0.99 refills and a complimentary souvenir mug with your pass.

Final Thoughts:

So, can't wait to experience the delightful world of Dollywood? Get your Season Pass today and enjoy all its unique perks. From discounts on tickets to free parking and complimentary fountain drinks, you get it all. Plus, your pass is valid for 12 months and can be renewed with ease. So don't wait any longer and book your pass right away! We definitely know it's going to be more than worth it.

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