International Beer Day: Which Latin American Countries Drink the Most?

International Beer Day Is Celebrated In August. To Mark the Occasion, Here Are the Latin Countries That Consume the Most Beer.

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The holiday for what is perhaps the most famous alcoholic beverage in the world originated in a small American bar located in Santa Cruz, California in 2007. Photo: Pexels

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International Beer Day is celebrated each year on the first Friday of the eighth month. This year its celebration is today, August 6, the day that commemorates the oldest fermented drink in the world, which brings together family and friends in moments of relaxation. On this day, all those who produce and distribute beer are also honored, creating ties between consumers of beer cultures from different nations.

This festival originated in a small American bar located in Santa Cruz, California in 2007. At that time it was a local celebration that due to its popularity was welcomed as an international holiday since 2012. This day is celebrated in 6 continents, 50 countries and 207 cities of the world.

Who drinks the most beer in Latin America?

Several Latin American countries celebrate International Beer Day. High consumption figures for this drink are registered in the hemisphere. The most recent studies indicate that Panama is the Latin American country with the highest beer consumption since on average each person drinks 75 liters per year, the second place is for Mexico, which shows consumption of 68 liters per inhabitant per year, and third place is Paraguay whose consumption is 66 liters of beer per citizen per year.

Outside the podium is Brazil. The South American giant registers a consumption of 60 liters of beer per capita per year. The top 5 is closed by Puerto Rico. The Caribbean island consumes about 54 liters of beer per person per year, followed by Chile with a consumption of 52 liters, and Colombia, the nation famous for its coffee, which registers a total of 51 liters of beer consumed per inhabitant per year.

The list continues with Venezuela. According to the most recent statistics, the Bolivarian Republic shows an annual consumption of 47 liters of beer per inhabitant. The ninth place is occupied by Peru, where people drink an average of 46 liters a year, and closing the top 10 is the Dominican Republic, which shows an annual consumption of 45 liters of beer per person.

The country with the highest consumption of beer per capita per year in the world is the Czech Republic, where 143.3 liters are consumed on average. This greatly exceeds the average consumption of Latin American countries.

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Beer: the favorite drink of many

Beer is the most consumed fermented beverage in the world and is one of the liquids with the highest intake after water, coffee and tea. It is so popular that it has its own sacred figure in Saint Arnulf of Metz, who is considered the patron saint of beer.

Beer is a drink with several benefits, it is low in fat, its caloric index is among the lowest of this type of drink. Studies reveal that beer contains vitamins B6 and B12, which help the nervous system by preventing heart attacks. Even the National Institute of Helsinki in Finland found that moderate consumption of beer can reduce the presence of kidney stones in the body by up to 40%. It also contributes to digestion and due to its antioxidants, it reduces the aging of the skin and the body in general. It is important to clarify that beer should be consumed in moderation, as its excess is harmful to health.

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