“The World’s 50 Best”: These Are The 7 Best Latin American Cities To Eat Well

Lima and Mexico City lead the Latin American cities with the most restaurants in the top 50 of the prestigious British ranking "The World's 50 Best Restaurants" for 2022.

Santiago de Chile and a dish prepared

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Like every year, the famous British ranking The World's 50 Best Restaurants has revealed the 50 best restaurants in the world, and the novelty in this edition is that the Danish local from Copenhagen, Geranium, leads this prestigious list, followed by Central from Lima, Peru, who is positioned among the most outstanding of the moment.

There are ten Latin American restaurants that this year appear among the best fifty in the world, coming from seven cities in Latin America. Lima leads with three locations, Mexico City places two and Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Bogota, Santiago and Buenos Aires also appear on the list. Here we show them to you.

Lima, from Peru (3 restaurants)

Lima has placed three restaurants among the best 50 of 2022. Central is ranked second, and has become the Latin American place to reach the highest position of the year. It stands out for rescuing Peruvian traditions, its biodiversity, and its cultural richness, as well as for its commitment to recycying. As for its dishes, it offers a first-class bacon and stew, in addition to a variety of marine products such as squid, clams, and scallops.

In eleventh place appears Maido, another restaurant in the area which is run by a chef who was born in Lima, but who has his origins in Osaka, Japan. For this reason, Japanese ingredients are mixed with Peruvian ingredients to form dishes with seafood such as fish, crabs and sea urchins, accompanied by sauces of different flavors.

Mayta is ranked 32nd and also belongs to the Peruvian capital. It debuts on this great list for its specialty in quality cocktails and its powerful menu, where it offers pumpkins, cakes, smoked eggplants, Amazonian ceviche, stuffed pasta, and custard apple and lucuma for dessert (among others).

Mexico City (2 restaurants)

Two Mexican restaurants appear in the top ten. Pujol, which is at number five, is the best in North America, and its menu offers everything from a seasonal ceviche to a cauliflower barbecue. Not to mention the churros they prepare, which are perfect to accompany with a coffee. Here you can also live a unique experience, called "the chef's choice", where diners take in what the person in charge of the kitchen can offer them.

Ninth in the world, Quintonil also has reason to celebrate, with a bright kitchen that aesthetically looks good and has dishes typical of Mexican cuisine such as smoked tomatoes, avocado tartare and charcoal-roasted chicken. Likewise, the menu meets the preferences of those who follow vegan and pescetarian diets.

Sao Paulo, from Brazil (1 restaurant)

La Casa del Cerdo is seventh and needs no introduction. It is one of the two places to appear on the list located in Brazil, and stands out for its focus on pork, represented in different preparations and where each part of the animal is consumed. As an extra fact, it stands out for its affordable prices and for producing all its food in its own way.

Buenos Aires, from Argentina (1 restaurant)

In Argentina they are experts in everything that has to do with the preparation of meat, and perhaps that has led Don Julio from Buenos Aires to be in fourteenth place. The best barbecues and the tastiest wines can be found here. Fresh sausages, boneless cuts, cheeses for the grill and tomatoes grown especially for the restaurant, Don Julio's specialty.

Santiago, Chile (1 restaurant)

Inspired by the Mapuche culture, Boragó is located in the capital of Chile, and much of the food it offers comes from undisturbed soils , and from harvesting communities throughout the country. The water is brought from the rain of Patagonia and the milk is obtained from natural breeding. Patagonian lamb and strawberry cake are two main dishes and should not be missed. It ranks 44th.

Rio de Janeiro, from Brazil (1 restaurant)

Oteque is the second restaurant in Brazil to appear, and it does so in position 47. Authenticity and elegance will not be lacking in this place, and good food much less so. Seafood scallops, red tuna, pine nuts, oysters with palm heart oil and caviar are the preferences of consumers who day after day come to a place that also has a distinguished bar.

Bogota, from Colombia (1 restaurant)

Colombia closes this list in the top 50 for Latin America, and it does so with a restaurant located in Bogotá that had already been in this ranking last year. Leo, the place of the outstanding Colombian chef, Leonor Espinosa, worships the gastronomic traditions of her country. In their description they point it out, saying that "Leo offers a tour of the biocultural wealth of Colombian biomes." She offers cupuaçu (a kind of Amazonian cocoa), bijao (plant) and arrechón (ancient drink). While the room where they serve their customers is modern and adorned by multiple works of art . Post 48.

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