7 Series You Must Watch If You Liked The Last Season Of “The Boys”

If you are one of those who was delighted with the last season of "The Boys", here we will tell you about 7 other similar series and where to watch them.

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Since the beginning of 2022, an immense number of series have generated great expectations among the audience. But beyond those that are released for the first time, only a few have had a resounding success after their return to streaming such as "The Boys". And it is that the original Prime Video series has not stopped winning excellent reviews for its plot, characters and crudeness, making it one of the most watched productions so far this year.

According to data from the Rotten Tomatoes portal, the third season of "The Boys" has 97% acceptance, a scenario similar to what IMDB indicates with an 8.7 score. The series, created by Eric Kripke, tells the story of a group of vigilantes who have taken on the task of putting an end to corrupt superheroes who abuse their powers. If you are one of those who was fascinated by this production and want more, here we recommend another 7 similar ones and where to see them.

The Umbrella Academy (Netflix)

This Netflix original production is characterized by its particular and twisted humor that chapter by chapter will hook you more with its script twists. Here we are introduced to a group of young people with special abilities who are raised in an academy run by a strange millionaire. After each one went their own way, they will meet again due to the death of their father, something that will trigger a series of catastrophic events that they must stop at all costs.

Preacher (Prime Video)

Based on a comic published by Vertigo, a sub-publisher of DC Comics, this series is as intelligent as it is full of violence that unfolds under a comically existential plot. Here we meet the Reverend Jesse Custer, a preacher who has the ability to make others do what he says. However, what Jesse really wants is to discover why God left heaven and his functions, facing a path full of villains at the same time. In a few words, it is a show with a supernatural style that in the end will make you reflect on many things.

Peacemaker (HBO Max)

With DC Comics expanding, the story of Peacemaker can help more productions of this style reach streaming. The character that Jhon Cena embodies had his first appearance during the events of "Suicide Squad" (2021), and after his post-credits scene, his solo series began, which has been a success. His black humor will be one of the many weapons he will use to confront a conspiracy that threatens humanity and that he will have unexpected allies on his side to fight it.

Misfits (Hulu)

In 2009, this British series was broadcast that over time stole the hearts of the audience due to the quality of its characters. "Misfits" follows five antisocial young people who must pay community service, but on their first day, they suffer an accident with a storm that will give them powers. Their rebellious and sarcastic tone is maintained throughout their 5 seasons, where they also explore phenomena such as time travel or parallel universes. Depending on your location, you can watch it on Hulu or Prime Video.

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Legion (Star+)

David Haller, better known as Legion, is one of the most powerful characters in all of Marvel, almost on a par with Scarlet Witch or Dark Phoenix. Both its history and this series is one of the hidden gems of Marvel Studios, and those who have managed to see it assure that there is no other production that compares to it. "Legion" is one of those enigmatic and twisted stories that you won't be able to stop watching, especially if you want to know the extent of the power that this mutant who suffers from schizophrenia has.

The Punisher (Disney+)

Of the litter of Marvel series that went from Netflix to Disney +, this is one of the rarest of all. And it is that although we could recommend "Jessica Jones", "Luke Cage" or "The Defenders", the story that has Frank Castle as the protagonist is worth seeing. In fact, he is the only one of these characters who does not have powers, but he does have a conviction to eliminate bad guys without mercy. The Punisher shows us that you don't need a special gift to do good, even if it's violent.

Invincible (Prime Video)

We couldn't leave out this other Prime Video gem. Unlike the others, it is an animated series and it is the closest thing to "The Boys". Why? Well, he deals with the reality of the fights between his characters, who although they are not corrupt,  have extraordinary superpowers. Based on a very violent comic, the plot follows the son of a superhero who gradually develops his powers and is trained by his father to fight evil. However, a dark secret will show us that not everything is optimistic here.

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