Top tips for travelers in 2021

Do you have a trip planned? Here are the best ideas for you to start that adventure you have been waiting for so long .

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At first, the coronavirus paralyzed most of the planet's tourist activities . To avoid contagion, trips were reduced or cancelled, so the governments try to reduce the COVID-19 cases. For this reason, as El País described it, this was the “worst year for tourism”, since the pandemic prevented many people from making their trips .

However, as time passed, we saw that this situation became much more flexible . Currently there are many travelers excited to see what will be the next destination they will go to.

Against this background, we decided to collect some of the best tips when traveling. This includes, of course, this very atypical moment in our history, where we see that the coronavirus continues to be an important factor when undertaking our next visit to a place in our bucket list ideas. Let's see more!

How to organize luggage

One of the first "headaches" occurs when it comes to seeing what we should take to travel. Each person will have their preferences, but the truth is that the best thing to do is to travel with few things. That is, grab the essentials.

One of the best tips to organize luggage efficiently is through a list . That will help us to better understand what we are carrying, because we will understand which are the priorities and which are not. In addition, of course, that we will avoid forgetting things that we do not think until the last hour .

So, for example, you may be wearing pants that can also double as pijamas . In that case, you can get rid of this last garment, so that you have more space to travel comfortably, but also to place other objects that you could buy there. In addition, try to separate the suitcase into different sections according to the type of garment, to save space.

Essential toiletries

With the coronavirus, we have become accustomed to a new way of cleaning ourselves to avoid possible infections. This routine should never be forgotten, specially when traveling and being in contact with people. So a good list of grooming items should contain :

  • Soap
  • Towel
  • Gel alcohol
  • Water
  • Detergent
  • Small Towel

For example, from The New York Times they indicate that, if you travel by plane, it is essential that you keep your hands clean with alcohol gel, in addition to avoiding touching your face . Washing your hands and disinfecting hard surfaces will also be essential to reduce the risks of contagion, although that will also have to be applied in the hotel you go to.

Analyze your expenses

Sometimes, going on vacation or escaping to another country can make us believe that we have a bigger budget than we actually have. This false sense of economic empowerment can lead to spending more than we anticipated in the first few days.

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Therefore, it is important to know to what extent you can indulge yourself and if there are ways to reduce that amount of money that you will deposit . For example, you may be spending too much on a hotel with luxury, but that really does not interest you, since you will spend little time there and your priority is to buy things and discover tourist destinations.

The best way to do this is by previously analyzing what the options are for each of our expenses. Researching the price of restaurants, hotels, tourist destinations and even street food can allow us to keep a list of basic expenses, to which we will add, later, the small “luxuries” that will be on the trip .

The importance of organizing documents

Something of vital importance: make sure you have all the necessary permits so that you can travel to your destinations. Passports, identification documents and even a VISA may be required , so again, finding out all the information and even the experience of other travelers can be essential to avoid any unexpected inconvenience.

For example, you may go to a destination where you want to dive, but you find that you need a certification card to enable that activity. It is also important not to lose them, so it is vital that you always have them on hand, as it could cause inconvenience even for your return flight .

Anyway, organizing a trip is much more pleasant than it may seem here. While it is important to plan what activities will be undertaken, it is also important to ensure each of the aspects of the territory that we will visit, especially if we do not know it, to ensure that it will be the adventure of our dreams. Enjoy it!

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