Why do you need to visit Santiago?

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Find out everything you need to know about Santiago, one of the modern and safest cities in Latin America

Why do you need to visit Santiago?

By all standards, Santiago is one of the safest and modern cities in South America. For travelers looking to get away from the bustle and hustle of their day to day lives, this is one of the best destinations. Boasting of good food, clean environment, and friendly people, Santiago provides an experience you will definitely remember.

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There are other reasons why you would be glad you visited Santiago.

1. The Greatest Wine Sanctuary

If you are a wine lover, Santiago must be your next destination to visit. In just one hour from the heart of Santiago, you explore acres upon acres of vines, from which some of the best wines in the world are produced. Santiago is also home to the famous Concha Y Toro which is actually the largest wine producers in Latin America and also one of the world leaders in its field.

Also, while enjoying the beautiful Andes Mountains that surround Santiago, you can cherish the famous Chilean drink, the terremoto (earthquake), which is a mixture of sweet wine or pisco (domestic liquor made from grapes), pineapple ice cream and grenadine. This drink is an encouragement for every visitor out there, as it is a traditional one consumed during Chilean holidays.

Why do you need to visit Santiago?

2. Unique Culinary

In Santiago, you will enjoy the diversity that comes with their delicious dishes. At La Vega Central, one of the biggest markets in Santiago, you'll have the advantage of touring more than 1,200 stalls that sell fresh fruit and vegetables. But that is not all; you can sample the best meat and rare delicacies from this marketplace.

Bellavista neighborhood is another busy yet comforting hotspot for good food and drinks. This neighborhood features an impressive variety of handicraft and clothing shops and plentiful international cuisine restaurants that serve diverse and extraordinary dishes. 

3. Take Part in the Skiing Experience

Once landing to Santiago, you will be amazed by the beautiful scenery, especially the snow capped mountains. Viewed right from the center of Santiago, your next big step is to retreat in the wonderful ski resorts just one hour away. These exclusive resorts include the acclaimed Valle Nevado, which receives about seven meters of snow in an expansive sloppy terrain of 60 kilometers. Most of these slopes are just as good for beginners as they are for experienced skiers.

Why do you need to visit Santiago?

4. Historical sites and Monuments

Right in the city center is where you get to experience some of the most enduring and admirable historical attractions. One of these attractions is the Central Plaza. In here you are mesmerized by the beautiful historic structures comprising the Central Post Office.

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Not to be left behind is the main Cathedral also known as La Catedral Metropolitana. It is a symbol of the presence of Catholicism in Chile which inside contains the remains of Chile’s bishops and archbishops as well as the hearts of the four fallen captains in the Battle of La Concepcion. The Coin Palace is also what creates excitement and is quite pleasant to the eye. What's more, is that the inner courtyards are usually open to the public. This gives you room to explore and feel the reigns of royal power as you watch the beautiful architecture structure.

5. Surf and Swim in the Pacific Ocean

Santiago’s population has for a long time enjoyed their surfing experience at Pichilemu. It is here that the waves come in very strongly and you can get the wonderful surfing practice that you ever dreamed of. The beach towns which include Vina del Mar and Zapallar are easily reachable from Santiago. Not to be left out is the vibrant beach town of Cachagua which enables you to enjoy the breathtaking serenity without being disturbed as the crowd there is minimal.

6. Participate in Music and Dance

If you want to let go, this is one of the vibrant ways in which you can freely enjoy the sweet music and dance, especially in the Yungay Neighborhood.

The famous Cueca dance imitates a strutting rooster as it goes on to seduce the shy and demure hen. This is actually the traditional and national dance of Chileans, and the young and old partake in it on the dance floor. Its addictive nature is what makes you want to stay on your feet for as long as it takes.

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The truth is that it is so much you can experience on your visit to Santiago. By making use of the numerous travel guides that are to be found online, you can easily know your way around the city. You can also book free walking tours with locals in Santiago who can give you the perfect tour. And you are also made much aware of the cheapest means by which to get there.

This is a city that promises good health as a result of the clean environment, but you also do your traveling in total safety. Sitting right on the Pacific Ocean, you have the freedoms to ride away on the waves or enjoy the serenity along the beaches.

What is more, you get to enjoy some of the best dishes which are mostly homemade. There are no restrictions whatsoever when it comes to sampling and feeding your eyes to the rich street art as well as the magnificent historical sites of Santiago.


Source: Rilind Elezaj 

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