Find out these 5 rare and funny hotels

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Do you want to change your vacation and visit unique places? We show you 5 hotels that will undoubtedly make your trip a unique experience

Find out these 5 rare and funny hotels

Sometimes, part of the adventure of traveling may be the arrival at the hotel. After hours of walking museums and tourist attractions, nothing better than resting in your room. At other times, the main plan is to go to a hotel with all the luxuries where you can get everything you want.

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No matter what the occasion, the stay is an essential part when planning trips. So, what better experience than going to the rarest hotels in the world? Some entrepreneurs have gone further and have taken the hospitality to another level with hotels that make the most of their locations.

We show you here some of the craziest hotels you can find:

1. Tubohotel – Tepoztlán, Mexico

It can be inferred by its name, the Tubohotel (tubo means pipe in Spanish) consists of rooms in sewer pipes. One over the other in the form of a pyramid, each room is a tube and has a bed and curtains that block light, because the door is transparent. This hotel, besides being innovative, is a way to reuse elements, such as these large tubes that would never be used again, which makes it a sustainable architecture.

Due to the limited space, the rooms do not have their own bathroom, but are outside and shared. This hotel is perfect for warriors who do not want the greatest luxuries, but who want to spend a pleasant and comfortable time; who like to take advantage of every occasion consciously.


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2. Henn Na Hotel – Tokyo, Japan

Upon entering, you are welcomed by a dinosaur. That's right, you heard well: a dinosaur. This hotel is staffed by robots with different figures, among them, dinosaurs, although there are also human robots. By requesting your passport in a machine, the robot can perform the same functions that a human employee would do in the reception of a hotel. The reality of robots is such that they lean, talk and sometimes even sneeze.

In a futuristic country like Japan, the Henn Na hotel chain (which means strange) have chosen to use technology in their favor. In this way, they have managed to reduce many costs to take advantage of other things in the hotel. This has made the stays and robots a dynamic and entertaining experience, which is usually a reason for visitors to Tokyo Disneyland, so that the attractions are not left alone in the park. According to the Nippon portal, this hotel has 144 rooms and 7 people work in it.


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3. Hotel Palacio de Sal – Uyuni, Bolivia

Located near the famous salt desert of Bolivia, the Salar de Uyuni, it is the only hotel built exclusively of salt. On the outside, the hotel is made up of houses that look like a kind of white mosque with a round roof. Inside you can see how the salt in blocks shapes its roofs and walls.

The most special thing about this hotel, apart from its incredible architecture, are its landscapes with a breathtaking view of the desert. It is also close to the Salar and other tourist sites such as nature reserves, lagoons, and other deserts.


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4. Propeller Island City Lodge – Berlin, Germany

This hotel, more than a building, is a piece of art by the artist Lars Storschen. This man rented rooms in his house to earn extra money, but he revolutionized the concept by making each lodging a different adventure. Thanks to his wit, the hotel, which used to be just a few rooms in his house, now has 30 rooms, each with different themes, and an art gallery.

Among the crazy designs of their rooms, there is one completely surrounded by mirrors, which give the feeling of being inside a kaleidoscope. Another has coffins instead of beds, and another one the beds surrounded by bars as if they were cells and they are elevated in the floor. It also includes thematic rooms that pretend that the room is a museum, an Asian temple, a castle or a cabin in the middle of the forest.


5. Montaña Mágica Lodge – Panguipuli, Chile

This place is literally a magical mountain. If your dream is to live in a fairy world, something like Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream, look no further. This is your place: A suitable mountain with rooms in the middle of a forest makes up this magical hotel that is part of Huilo-Huilo, a biological reserve.

Windows that look out from the interior of the mountain, a water fountain that waters the mountain from the top and a suspension bridge is what makes this hotel a postcard. The style is totally for someone looking for an ecotourism away from the overwhelming reality of cities.


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