We say goodbye to 2020 with memes

Today is the end of 2020 and how couldn´t it be otherwise we send it off  with some really good memes.

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2020 was for many a year to be forgotten, for others it was full of opportunities. It was a year in which we recognized the value of health, family, good friends, doctors, people who make every day a little easier to cope with … the memes creators.

2020 was full of uncertainty, we started the year with a possible nuclear conflict between the United States and Iran, in February the Amazon jungle burned, and along with it several parks and forests were victims of large fires, by March the world was already in quarantine, and to top it off, in the absence of one there were 2 fridays the 13th.

That is why many of us are saying goodbye to 2020 with great enthusiasm, hoping it will not be repeated, and for this we bring you these memes and invite you to share them.

We wish you a happy new year, and a 2021 full of success and memes.





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