What happened to Harvey Weinstein and other news

Here are the most relevant news of the week in the world of entertainment summarized for our readers

Harvey Weinstein, frame from the series 'For thirteen reasons' and frame from the movie 'Justice League'.

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It is Friday and our selection of the most relevant news of the week arrives so that you are updated and ready for the weekend. This time we have a local music release, three commercials on film and television, and an update on the status of the Harvey Weinstein case.

Ruby Rose announces that she will no longer be Batwoman

The Australian actress starred in the first season of Batwoman, the female version of the batman from producer The CW. In this series, Ruby Rose played a woman in search of the woman she loves, and who would find anything to find her. Thus, she undertakes, as batwoman, the search, and rescue of her girlfriend, kidnapped by a villain, also a woman. The series was released in October 2019 and the final chapters have already been broadcast this week, in which Ruby Rose also announced in a press release that she is leaving the series very gratefully, but without giving too many explanations. The series will continue but with another protagonist.


Harvey Weinstein's second trial postponed


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Last March, the former Hollywood producer was sentenced to 23 years in prison in New York State, a sentence he is already serving. However, he had to face a new trial in the State of California. The pandemic started just as the extradition and relocation paperwork was being done to the state of California, so the trial was officially postponed this week. In this case, Weinstein could face another 29-year sentence in Los Angeles. For now, he will have to keep waiting in New York.


Justice League director's cut announced

It was known to exist and many of the fans of comics and movies have been looking forward to it. So much so, that the hashtag #ReleaseThe SnyderCut, which asks that the director's cut be released, has been trending. Zach Snyder has not seen the movie as it came out in theaters, but he claims that what we have seen so far is not half of what he did with the Justice League. That is why this week it was announced that the director's cut for this feature film will be released in HO MAX by 2021, which, it is speculated, will last up to four hours and will have everything we did not see on film.

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Indiana Jones from The Arkeologist was released

This is, perhaps, one of the most anticipated premieres of Colombian local music this year. This is the first instrumental album by the beatmaker El Arkéologo, alter ego of the rapper from Medellín, Gambeta. After producing several songs for himself and for other of his fellow musicians and rappers, El Arkéologo arrives with this album of which he is the protagonist for the followers of his work to have new music during the quarantine. Beats, samples, and genre mixes is what you can find in Indiana Jones.


Trailer for the last season of 13 reasons why

This is one of the most important teenage series on Netflix, which has also been controversial for how it deals with the subject of suicide, since it necessarily blames others. In its attempt to give voice and representation on screen to the bullying in schools, 13 reasons why is already on its fourth and final season, of which the initial protagonist is not the main character but the drama will move to those who surrounded her before she died. Premieres on June 5.


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