Remdesivir promises to be the cure for Covid-19

We must unite to develop and share the tools that allow us to overcome the virus

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Recent tests with Remdesivir have been performed on patients with the coronavirus. / Photo: Rawpixel

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It seems that we are getting closer to finding an effective treatment for Covid-19. This time it is a medicine that is already part of the world trial of the World Health Organization (WHO).

According to the UN News portal, experts hope that Remdesivir will be distributed more widely, as more data on its effectiveness is obtained. For more information enter the following link .

Mike Ryan, WHO director of emergencies, thanked the company Gilead, which manufactures the medicine, for giving the Organization access to use it in the Solidarity Trial, the initiative that seeks to find effective treatments for coronavirus.

He said that recent data on tests in the United States, "gives a ray of hope about the potential use of the drug."

We should all be protected

For his part, Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus, WHO director, noted that “recent advances in science are allowing the world to move at incredible speed to develop these tools, but the true measure of success will not only be how fast they can be developed, but how equitably they can be distributed ”.

He said that we should all be protected from the continuous waves of COVID-19 infection around the world. He specified that as the number of new cases and deaths decreases in some countries, it increases in others.

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We must unite to overcome

Tedros mentioned that "this virus will be with us for a long time, therefore we must unite to develop and share the tools to overcome it",

He clarified that many more financial resources will be needed to meet the demand for personal protective equipment, medical oxygen, and other essential supplies.


#INFOGRAFÍA Diagrama explicativo sobre cómo el medicamento antiviral remdesivir actúa contra la replicación del coronavirus #AFP @AFPgraphics

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How feasible is traditional medicine?

Although the World Health Organization recognizes the benefits of traditional and alternative medicine, it cautioned that its efficacy against coronavirus should be analyzed and determined.

For this reason, it works with research institutions to select traditional medicine products that can be investigated for their clinical efficacy and safety for treatment.

In addition, WHO will continue to provide support to countries as they explore the role of traditional medicine professionals in the prevention, control, and early detection of the virus.

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