With the sales come the Black Friday memes

More and more Black Friday looks like the Hunger Games

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We started the day by asking ourselves the following question, Who benefits the most from Black Friday? For many the obvious answer was “The one who was smart enough not to go shopping that day”, but for our editorial team, the answer was "us", because we were able to make a lot of jokes about Black Friday and above all to find and share with you the memes that made us laugh the most.

Black Friday is all too easy to make fun of: the rampant capitalism, crazy shoppers, and fistfights in order to save pennis on a bag of coffee, makes this a perfect day for meme-makers.

So, in honor of all that ridiculousness, here are some Black Friday memes that you can share with the caffeine consumer that lives within you and with your friends who are in line or on line to shop like crazy this Friday.







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