Brainly and Other Online Platforms that help you with your Homework

Do you need help with your homework? Here we tell you about Brainly and other sites that can help you

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Children’s and youth education had to be radically modified during the pandemic, but in addition to traditional education, there is another sector that was affected by this crisis: Tutoring. Some children and adolescents have weaknesses in some subjects that cannot be filled with their school teachers and before the pandemic they had to resort to external help. In the context of the pandemic, these mentors have been replaced by websites like Brainly.

Brainly is defined as “a community created to share knowledge, where 350 million students collaborate side by side to solve the most difficult homework”. In other words, it is a platform where students can ask basic, math, English, science questions. science and social studies and receive answers from other classmates or teachers.

What makes Brainly different is that it has elements of a video game. Students have a number of “points” that they receive when they register, which they can use to post questions. But on the other hand, they also receive points for correctly answering others’ questions. This seeks to create an ecosystem where students are not only collaborating with each other, but also learning through teaching.

Answers are also given a scoring system of stars, which forces users to argue and publish quality content. This has made Brainly become, in essence, a “substitute teacher” in Latin America, where the application is gaining more popularity every day.

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But there are also other good applications to find help with your online tasks besides Brainly. For example:


Brighterly is one of the most efficient math websites for kids on the market. With Brighterly you can get tutors who know the fourth grade math curriculum and sure that kids learn at their own pace. Brighterly offers a seamless signup process to its users. With this platform, all you need is to fill out a form and you’ll get a free demo lesson. Unlike some learning platforms that focus on a child’s learning through levels, grades, and points, has tutors wholly invested in a child’s knowledge.

Go Student

Go Student is a service that offers personalized private classes through a virtual classroom. GoStudent instructors go through a thorough admissions process and are required to be constantly up-to-date in their subject matter. According to their page, they are rigorous and only 2 out of 10 applicants pass their entrance exam. If you’re looking for something more akin to traditional tutoring, give Go Student a try.

Khan Academy

This is one of the world’s best known resources. Khan Academy is great for practicing with your kids, or teaching them everything they need for their math homework. At Khan Academy you will find, completely free of charge, everything you need to fully help your children. Exercises, explanations and mock exams are available at all learning levels. From learning to count, to the fundamental theorem of calculus, whatever you need to learn about arithmetic and trigonometry is available on Khan Academy.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that there are several sites online that will do your kids’ homework for them for a small fee. There are too many to include here, but we decided not to mention them because the idea is that your children can use their own means to learn correctly. Sites like Brainly, Go Student, and Khan Academy are tools to make your life easier, not to remove all the difficulties you face.

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