Lina Cáceres, Visionary of Digital Entertainment

Lina Cáceres is a restless social communicator who saw in the digital world an exciting tool to develop talents, to be able to commercialize them and thus open the opportunity for new businesses.

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Understanding the goals and dreams that influencers have and taking them from just being viral to becoming brand creators with a community that allows them to monetize their work, has been the challenge for Lina Cáceres, a restless social communicator who saw in the digital world an exciting tool to develop talents, to be able to commercialize them and thus open the opportunity for new businesses.

Lina Cáceres is the founder of Latin World Digital and Vice President of the Digital Artist Development, Commercial, and New Business Department of Latin Word Entertainment. This is the leading Hispanic talent management and entertainment marketing firm in the United States, founded by actress Sofía Vergara and the media executive Luis Balaguer.

"Being a manager is a passion that I discovered in my life at 30. I am a Social Communicator-journalist from The University of La Sabana. I worked as a TV producer in Caracol, in Colombia, and Univisión in America and had never thought of being a manager," affirms Cáceres.

Then she adds, "I understood that these young people who had become big stars thanks to social networks were building their brand and needed a long-term business strategy. In this world of YouTubers, people like quantity and not quality. So I had to make them understand that we had to work on quality, to form solid communities and not huge audiences. I also make them understand that there is a great social responsibility in them in front of their audiences. With that spirit, they created those careers with which today they have been able to achieve all their dreams."

A Language for Young People

It is a fact that digital language facilitates communication between new generations, so it is also necessary to understand that networks are made for a young audience that sees digital media as a perfect tool to position their enterprises and do business. Lina Cáceres, an expert on the digital issue, gives her opinion: "All media are valid, but with social networks you have a global reach, you are not only betting on a local audience…I am convinced that if you are going to reach young people who are not on TV, they are on streaming platforms, browsing the world. Social networks are technological platforms and develop technologies to get closer to the user. You must be in the social network that goes with the vertical of your content. Content is the best marketing, the one that makes people fall in love, the one that makes them loyal, with which we arrived."


Lose Your Fear of the Digital World

In addition to her successes as a manager expanding the careers of Hispanic content creators, her work with brands and media companies, and as a renowned speaker, Lina Cáceres ventures into the world of writing with her book "How to Succeed in the Digital World." As an author, she seeks to bring people closer and make them lose their fear of this new world that is not only for young people. 

Lina Cáceres concludes with the following statement: "The digital world took away the expiration date. We thought we were useful until a certain time, and I think it is wonderful to see that there is no social stratum, no gender, no age, or anything if you know how to focus on a project. There is everything to do in the digital world, and there are opportunities for everyone. I believe that when we see social networks to maximize ideas and as tools to potentiate businesses, there are wonderful things."

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