Samsung’s bets for 2019

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Samsung's innovation presentation was recently held where its president spoke of the brand's new products

Samsung's bets for 2019

On Wednesday, February 20, the presentation of Samsung's new releases was carried out in San Francisco by Dong-Jin Koh, president of Samsung Electronics.

It was speculated months before that it would bring a folding product, the first in the history of Samsung, as well as the competition to Apple Airpods and improvements in cellphone devices in terms of its internal operation. Next, we will highlight the three most important releases of the conference.

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Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 +, S10e and S10 5G

The continuation of the Samsung "S" family continues its legacy by presenting the three new cellular devices, which have improvements in their development, camera, and functionality. The most notable is the storage of the S10 + series, which has 1 Terabyte capacity, which is one of the most striking improvements of the company based on the fact that some computers do not have this memory in their computers.

On the other hand, physically they have AMOLED screen technology, which allows having one of the smallest bevels seen so far. Finally, the S10 5G series promises to be designed for the trend of networks entered into the world for some time, it promises a homogeneous speed to the 5G networks of the market.

Undoubtedly, the commitment to mobile devices with improvement and cutting-edge technology are part of the key pillars of Samsung, as stated by its president in the conference according to the digitaltrends portal: "The Galaxy S10 continues this incredible legacy, offering innovations as to screens, cameras, and performance. Samsung has four Premium devices, each designed for a single consumer".

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Galaxy Fold: the first folding device of the brand

Presented as one of the best innovations of the brand, and seen as "mobile, tablet and camera", this device can be bent literally in half generating more options for the user to use it. This technology is given thanks to a layer of polymer and a screen 50% thinner than normal. As additional information, this device has 6 cameras incorporated, which provide its use in the different means of handling of the Galaxy Fold.


Galaxy Buds: the direct competition of the Airpods

With an estimated price of $ 130 USD, these Bluetooth headphones promise to be the competition to Apple headphones. This device, according to its creators, offers 6 hours of battery and five hours of calls, something more than the promise of Apple's product. On the other hand, thanks to the inverse technology of the cellular devices, it will be possible to charge the headphones with the remaining charge of the S10. As a physical differential, the creators of Galaxy Buds indicate that they will not see how a "stick" comes out of their ears, as it is completely circular and ergonomic in the user's ear.

These devices will be launched in the coming months to the market, prices will vary depending on the country and region. It will be enough to test each one of them and analyze who will lead the technology industry this year 2019.


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Translated from "Las apuestas de Samsung para el 2019"

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