The algorithm that makes TikTok addictive

TikTok is in one of the best positions for fast and easy growth as a rising creator.

TikTok is in one of the best positions for fast and easy growth as a rising creator.

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The platform is going through a significant transition overall. It may be on the brink of extinction in many countries if it hasn't already been banned. TikTok is trying to do its best to take root in our daily lives, to make success more accessible than ever so that we don't have a reason to leave.

Joseph Todd is the founder of Ace Peak Media, a digital agency that provides tools and strategies for influencers, brands, and businesses to enhance and maximize their opportunities. His business partners with clients to drive business results through the powerful means of creativity, community, and marketing.

The social media expert studied at Dan Lok University. This institution is best known for its High-Ticket Millions ™ Methodology, the world's most advanced system for getting high-end customers and demanding high fees without resistance.

The marketing expert explains the TikTok algorithm through three different sections that are the key to understanding the platform to grow your account.

Video Length

TikTok is a social media platform that focuses on vertical videos and has two formats: the 15-second video and the 60-second video.

The algorithm's sole purpose is to keep your eye on the platform for as long as possible, driving the content that people are attracting with larger audiences. Watch time and how long your audience is retained throughout your video is crucial. For example, if you have a 20-second video with two seconds of watch time, there is no logical reason why TikTok would take it to larger audiences.

However, there is a big difference between the percentage of a video viewed and the actual number of seconds an audience is retained. While watch time is crucial; that's not the only factor that will give your video a chance to appear on the page "for you."


Video Originality

TikTok, as its core, is what you would describe as a copycat culture, meaning that most of the content you see on the "for you" page is a recreation of a video that the user noted was an imitation of the idea of another person. The chain goes on and on.

There is certainly nothing wrong with reinventing a version of something you saw and becoming a source of inspiration. However, TikTok itself has emphasized that it is starting to focus on prioritizing original content, things that are unique to the platform exclusively and not otherwise reused or republished.

The TikTok algorithm is entering a stage where it is very likely to post completely new content in front of an infinite version of someone dancing to a new song by a famous star. The platform's entire ecosystem is the concept of harnessing others' ideas, making it a never-ending source of inspiration for future videos. Still, it also makes it difficult for new creators to get started.

Creator Badges

Think of your favorite creators and ask yourself why you consume their content. You find them interesting enough to come back to because they somehow differ from the masses consistently.

This is an excellent example of what is known as a personality attribute or hallmark of a creator. It's about something about you and your videos that people can search for, and this is what separates average creators from those who are very successful on the platform.

In the past few months, TikTok has been handing over benefits to its creators from the billion-dollar TikTok Creator Fund to those who have uniquely tagged and done very well overall on the platform recently.

TikTok is starting to push and reward those creators defined and unique in their content and personalities. Especially throughout this entire pandemic season, where there has been a global influx of new attention and new users to the platform, it is now more important than ever to clarify your ideas as your good points and why people should follow you.

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