The competition between manufacturers of Digital Reading Devices

Every day that passes, eReaders or e-books readers flood the market for consumer technology products, also replacing paper books.

Kindle tablet multimedia version of electronic book reader

Kindle tablet multimedia version of the electronic book reader. / Reference image / Pixabay

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The natural leader has always been Amazon, which along with its "Kindle" has always been at the top of sales, however, many companies have recently launched new products that promise to unseat the US company.

The increase in demand is part of two fundamental factors: on the one hand, there is the massification of technology in a world dependent on it that sees, in each consumption habit, a gadget that will facilitate its actions. On the other hand, there is an increase in concern for the environment that lies in this case, in the reduction of felling of trees for the creation of physical books.

These two factors have made companies dedicated to innovation and technology constantly look for more products for those who love reading on technological devices. The best-known producer of them is Amazon, which with its "Kindle" has been able to meet the needs of its customers by providing the opportunity to read books since 2007, the year in which it was created.

Since that year, many other manufacturers have been looking to remove the Kindle from the podium and there have been very few who have managed to approach the quality of devices of the American company. Studies show that since the new product was launched, its exponential growth has caused companies to focus on technology and innovation to enter the market.

For example, the BQ company has launched on the market with the BQ Cervantes 4, a model with competing features, with a 6-inch screen, 1072 x 1448 screen resolution and dimmable light technology has made field in averages of sales

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Other companies such as Energy Ereader Pro, seek to generate more elements to the devices. In addition to the normal features of a digital reader, it has an Android operating system with which you can download applications that work more like a Tablet.

Others are looking for a price competition such as the Woxter Scriba 195 who, with light and eye-catching design focused on children and young people, seeks to massify sales with a price 50% below the current average of the competition.

However, a couple more companies seek to cover part of the digital reading consumer market and have undertaken direct competition against Amazon. The one that is currently in second place is the Canadian company Kobo, which is associated with Rakuten, giving an improvement of hardware and software at the Kindle level.

Within the category of Kobo eReaders, the most successful of the company is the Kobo Libra, which has a segmentation between medium and high range that differs in components very similar to smartphones such as capacity, battery, screen, and connectivity.

The new eReader, the Kobo Libra H2O promises to be one of the best in the market, since its characteristics are matched with the number one in the US market. Its promise of value is evidenced in its name (H2O as the chemical composition of water) since it has Ipx8 protection, which means that it can be in contact with water and sand without complications in its use or operation. Although there is no predicted use underwater, it gives the client the peace of mind of using the device in swimming pools and beaches without any minor accident compromising the device.

In addition to this main feature, it has an asymmetrical design, that is to say that it has an added part on the side of the screen with some buttons, this in order that the reader can easily hold the device having the use with only one hand, and is that despite having a plastic coating its weight is 192 grams, which will undoubtedly be very comfortable for those who hold it.

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Another of the attractive innovations is its adjustable screen. With 300 pixels per inch, the letters and images on the screen are comfortable to look at, disappearing the pixel dots of the first digital reading tablets. In addition, it has a change in screen temperature, ideal for conditioning according to the natural light in which the device is being used.

The gadget was introduced to the market recently and will be available in the next few months in several countries of the world in line with the competition of the Kindle who has the highest percentage of the cake sales to users with digital reading tablets.

As for the literature catalog to be found, the company “Xataka”, which carries out reviews of technological devices, writes the following in its web portal: “Kobo defends its own catalog of books above that of any competitor, stating that it has more of six million books (five of them licensed to be sold in Spain). Of those six million, 140,000 are in Spanish, which would mean that in a year they have had 10,000 more ebooks in our language.”

Without a doubt, we can see the market battle between these two companies that are looking for more and more participation in one of the industries that today has an exponential growth in the world of technology and new daily habits.

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