5 Latin female soccer players who succeeded in the winter market

The past winter market was not exclusive to men's football, but the different European women's leagues also reinforce and sign the players who will help them conquer the titles.

Deyna Castellanos and Manuela Vanegas.

Deyna Castellanos and Manuela Vanegas. / Photos:,

LatinAmerican Post | Laura Viviana Guevara Muñoz

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In fact, in the Iberdrola League, the highest category of women's Spanish football, of the 32 hirings that were made, 31 players were foreigners, as highlighted by IAM Noticias.

Although it is not so popular to talk about the contracts, assignments or the debut of the players, the truth is that within the women's football market, Latin American footballers every day make more presence in the different European leagues. That is why from LatinAmerican Post we highlight some signings of this winter market.

1. Deyna Castellanos

The 20-year-old Venezuelan soccer player, since the beginning, showed great talent as a striker. In fact, she established herself as the scorer for the U-17 Women's World Cup and the U-17 Women's South American Championship.

She started playing with Florida State Seminoles in 2016 and she remained there until 2020 when Atlético de Madrid signed her until 2022. So far, Castellanos has played for 52 minutes, according to Sport, and it is expected that in the participation of the team in the women's Super Cup of Spain, she accumulates more minutes, because according to her, “the pace is much faster than in the United States, where everything is much more technical and there are world class players with a much more attractive style.”

2. Yoreli Rincon

The 26-year-old Colombian arrived in the ranks of Inter Milan, when, in February 2020, her transfer was confirmed. Rincón had played for the Junior of Barranquilla, and since 2010 plays for the Colombian national team.

Upon arrival, the soccer player mentioned that it was a great step for her career, and said that within her purpose is “to be able to help Inter in the Serie A”. Her debut was in the match against Milan, where the Colombian entered the second half but could not avoid defeat. In this way, the midfielder also joins the Colombian Lady Andrade, of the same team, and the goalkeeper Catalina Pérez, belonging to Fiorentina.

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3. Sonia O'neill

The Venezuelan born in Canada has stood out for being the new 'ten' of the 'Redwine' team. Thanks to her talent, the footballer has gone through the Husqvarna of Sweden, team where she debuted; the Rome of the Serie B of Italy; was figure of the Bari of Serie A, soon to happen to Fleury 91 in Division 1 of France.

Now the midfielder is part of the Rangers FC of Scotland, a team for which she was signed for a year, but will have the possibility to play the Women's Champions League. The footballer is expected to debut when the Scottish Women's Premier League starts a new season at the end of February.

4. Manuel Vanegas

The 19-year-old Colombian defender will start this new year by being part of the Espanyol of La Liga Iberdrola. This will be the first time that the Colombian plays with an international team, because in the past she played for Colombian teams such as Envigado, Atlético Huila, or, the most recent, Independiente Medellín.

Thanks to her good performance, she was awarded as the defense of the year in December 2019, according to the Colombia portal. The club announced that the player will be playing for the team until June 30, 2021.

5. Dany Helena

Another player who goes to the Spanish league is the 27-year-old Brazilian Dany Helena. The striker was crowned as the top scorer of the Brazilian Soccer Championship of 2018 and during the last two seasons, she has played for Flamengos.

Now, the Brazilian will go for the first time to play in European football at EDF Logroño, a team that hired her until 2023. In this way, she will have the challenge of promoting and consolidating the team to the top of the rankings.

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