Your mind is the secret of your success

It is first from the inside that you can transform or attract what you want outside.

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If someone on the street asks you about the secret of success, would you know how to answer that question? Clearly, neither at home nor at school nor at university do they educate us to be successful, they educate us to continue with the steps that, while not necessarily leading us to success, at least yes to stability. I imagine that you should already be thinking about what those steps are, those items that we mark year after year as if our life were a checklist.

Items like studying at school, then a career, finishing it with merits, finding a stable job; where they pay us well and possibly we can stay until the body does not hurt us, then find someone with whom we want to share our life; if possible forever, do another more specialized study, buy a house, a car; If you are doing well, a farm, have children and finally help them to clear the same items that you already did to quietly enjoy the end of your pension, the one you built for so many years and that if you do well it will be of the best value salary you received throughout your life.

Understand me well, I do not intend to criticize the people who have quarreled all these items and who feel happy to do so, I intend to emphasize that there is no single way of living, nor of reaching stability and much less of being successful. I pretend to be very emphatic in the need to do and finally build what each one wants in their life, and insist that clearly what we have is what we want to have, or at least, what we have allowed ourselves.

If someone gets off that stipulated path (I don't know for whom) their close ones start to question their decisions, with typical phrases like "that doesn't work", "why don't you look for a stable job?", "Why do you risk? ”,“ why don't you do the same as others who are well? ”(for the good they often refer to not being hungry), these and many more are the comments that are heard when someone wants something better for himself and seeks it by different means than those established. That is to say, it changes its mentality, its judgments, stereotypes and it begins to understand the dynamics in a different way, of course, that these comments are gradually disappearing when they realize that apart from that you are doing what you like and passionate, you are Happy and good or very good financially.

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I clearly understood that success is not the goal, but simply the process, that there are no right or wrong paths, there are paths for all according to vision, goals, fears and beyond that, mentality, the only one that After all, it will allow us to reach where we want to go. That is why it is very common to hear that the secret of success is the law of attraction because it is first from within that you can transform or attract what you want outside. We are always in constant search of who approves what we already think.

However, it is very propitious and important to also listen to people who think or act totally different from us, that is where we leave our comfort zone and we question what we have been doing, in the end, what is new is where we can learn more and perhaps better things than we have been doing. We cannot expect to have different results if we continue to do the same, therefore, the only thing I can certainly say is that everyone builds their present and their future, from their will and ability to learn, which includes unlearning and agitating life in In general, basing that construction on what is thought because all thought finally produces form on some level.

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