5 NBA stars who are missing the playoffs

These 5 great NBA players will watch the playoffs from their homes.

LeBron James and Damian Lillard

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The NBA playoffs have already begun, the best time for basketball worldwide. As always, several teams were left behind, so some talented players were left without the possibility of participating in this competition. Today we want to show you 5 of them.

Lebron James

The best basketball player alive was left without playoffs after a disastrous season for his team, the Los Angeles Lakers. Even though James is 37 years old, he is still showing that he has what it takes to be at the top level. In fact, this season he finished with 30.3 points per game and was one of the top 3 scorers in the league. Although James modifies his style of play according to his age, it is worrying that he has missed out on this, one of his last chances to compete for a trophy.

Paul George

The other big Los Angeles team that didn't make the playoffs was the Clippers, a team that has shown some level of consistency in the postseason in recent years. George has been part of this consistency because although he is not a player who excels in any particular aspect of the game, he has a very high level on both the offensive and defensive ends. This is demonstrated by his 24 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists averaged in the regular season.

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Damian Lillard

The Portland Trailblazers point guard is one of the league's deadliest shooters and scorers, frequently hitting shots from the logo. However, this season his team played disastrously, finishing 13th in the Western Conference. During this regular season, he scored 24.3 points per game with 4 rebounds and 7 assists, in addition to having a 32.4% percentage of three-pointers scored.

Bradley Beal

This Washington Wizard player was a revelation during the 2020-2021 regular season, where he became an All-Star. However, in this 2022 season, Beal suffered multiple injuries that prevented him from leading his team to a good record, necessary to qualify for the postseason. Beal finished with 23 points and 6 assists per game this season.

LaMelo Ball

A favorite of the youngsters, Ball was rookie of the year in 2021 and an All-Star in 2022. His talent and energy have reinvigorated the Charlotte Hornets franchise, which for years has been the “joke” of the league. This time he had the opportunity to compete for a playoff spot in the play-in tournament, but unfortunately, his team was eliminated. LaMelo averaged 20 points and 8 assists per game this season.

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