5 South American Players to Watch in European Soccer

The 22-23 Season has Already Started and Several South American Players Managed to Make the Leap to European Soccer for the First Time. Here we Tell you Which 5 Stars You Will Have to Follow Closely.

Agustin Alvarez, Nilson Angulo and Julian Alvarez

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The wait is over. European soccer has already got the ball rolling in most of its countries and many of us appreciate it, as another long and intense season begins where emotions will be present week after week. Added to that, we must mention that the transfer market has left interesting movements to follow closely for having South American soccer players as protagonists.

It is no secret to anyone that South America is the cradle of the beautiful game, and that talented players go to renowned clubs from there. Although this year has the peculiarity of the return of some elite players to South American soccer, the export of new blood to the old continent does not stop. At this point, there are still possibilities to see more transfers of this style, but this time we will focus on five cases that should follow.

Agustin Alvarez Martinez

Peñarol's inexhaustible quarry continues to produce soccer players with export quality. After cases like Federico Valverde (Real Madrid) or Darwin Núñez (Liverpool), the eyes of all of Uruguay will be placed on this 21-year-old striker, whose progress has been spectacular. His goalscoring capabilities are what caught the attention of Sassuolo, the Italian Serie A club, who signed him for €12 million.

What characterize it? Goal scoring instinct. Agustín is one of those South American soccer players who leave everything on the pitch at the point of their claws and sacrifice. Beyond having the goal in his head, another detail that characterizes him is that he knows how to move inside and outside the area, even assuming responsibilities in the construction of the game. He has tactical intelligence and good physique.

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Enzo Fernandez

The Argentine had an important step for the Defensa y Justicia club that served him to have more freedom when generating game, a performance that ended up making him a fundamental piece in Marcelo Gallardo's River Plate since last season. Now, at 21 years old, the midfielder will experience his first challenge in European soccer thanks to Benfica, a Portuguese entity that acquired him for €10 million.

What characterize it? Dynamism. Enzo is in charge of managing the team's possession of the ball, a task that he can carry out both alone and in company. In addition, due to his speed, he is capable of accelerating the movement of the game with his passes, managing to break lines or offering the necessary pause for his attacking partners to reorganize.

Nilson Angle

Among the many promising young people from Ecuador, the former Liga de Quito player stands out. In 2021, he not only made his debut with the first team at the age of 18, but also established himself as one of the most decisive figures in the tournament, being chosen as the LigaPro's Revelation Player. As expected, his evolution continued to rise for this year, and now he will have to finish training in Belgium, with Anderlecht.

What characterize it? Dribbling ability. Leaving opponents behind looks easy for Nilson whenever he is positioned at either end of the pitch, as playing on the right or left does not seem to be a problem for him. And it is that, either facing in the rival area or in individual confrontations, his repertoire is so varied that it is difficult to know what he will do with the ball. He also has a very good mid-range punch.


All European soccer sets its sights on Brazil for the next future world star. The joy and irreverence of the Brazilian player is noticeable in Savio Moreira de Oliveira, Savinho, and it is not for less. At the age of 16, he fell in love with Atlético Mineiro, but he only lasted two seasons after exploiting his skills on the field. France's Troyes recently acquired him for €6.50m, although he was sent on loan to Dutch greats PSV Eindhoven.

What characterize it? Versatility. Savinho is the typical short attacker who can play on the wings or behind the centre-forward. Naturally left-footed, but he kicks very well with the right, he is fast, with and without the ball, skillful when dribbling, with great scoring ability, as well as being able to cause a lot of damage on free kicks. He still has a lot of room for development and that will be decisive for his future.

Julian Alvarez

He is the young man to watch in European soccer this season. Certainly, there are several South Americans who will receive more attention, but the poster with which the Argentine arrives at Manchester City is one of a world promise. At River Plate, he did not stop scoring goals, a facet that he built with Marcelo Gallardo and that he will now finish polishing together with Pep Guardiola. At 22 years old, he has a long way to go and conquer in the best league in the world.

What characterize him? Offensive Adaptability. Being a versatile player, he can play as a center forward, winger, midfielder or share a duo in the attacking front. It is capable of fulfilling multiple functions that range from enabling spaces to create play. Likewise, among his many virtues, his ability to appear at the right time, his completions, as well as his understanding of team play stand out.

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