6 athletes who died from Covid-19 in 2020

The pandemic not only ended stadium fan attendance, but the lives of more than 100 active and retired athletes around the world .

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Some athletes lost the battle against COVID-19. / Photo: Pixabay

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According to , since the outbreak of the pandemic just over a hundred athletes, both active and retired, have died from Covid-19 . Most of them were over 70 years old; others, on the other hand, did not reach 30. Here is a small obituary:

Francisco García

One of the first fatalities in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, in southern Spain, was Francisco García, coach of the children's category of the Atlético Portada Alta Football Club . Shortly before contracting the virus, this 21-year-old young man had been diagnosed with leukemia , a condition that made his fight against Covid-19 difficult until his death, which occurred on March 15. He had been training the team in the fourth children's division for 4 years and was also the delegate of the youngest members of Atlético Portada Alta.

Tom dempsey

On April 4, 2020, Covid-19 ended the life of Tom Dempsey, an icon of North American sports. Whoever was a kicker for the New Orleans Saints died at the age of 73 , leaving behind one of the most chilling moments in the history of Football: the 63-yard field goal, something that in 1970 was not only a record, but a whole sports milestone, something that earned him the entrance into the Saints Hall of Fame in 1989.

Donato Sabia

On April 7 of last year, the Italian medium-distance runner Donato Sabia closed his eyes for the last time in his hometown, Potenza, in the south of the transalpine country, where, at 56, the coronavirus ended his days . In addition to having participated in the finals of the Los Angeles and Seoul Olympics, and having won the 1984 European Indoor Championships in Gothenburg, Sabia held the world record in the 500 meters for 29 years, with a time of 1'00 "08. Also in 1984, the so-called Signore degli 800 (Lord of the 800) obtained his best time, 1: 43.88, which to this day is still the third best mark held by an Italian in 800 meters.


On May 13, Kiyotaka Suetake, better known as Shobushi, a 28-year-old sumo wrestler and the first Japanese between the ages of 20 and 30 to die from coronavirus, died. As reported by The Japan Times, a failure in several organs also made the Japanese the first rikishi to succumb to covid-19 . After his death, the Asahi Shimbun, one of the most prominent Japanese newspapers, reported that Shobushi was diabetic and that doctors indicated "poor health" as one of the reasons for his death after testing positive for coronavirus . In this regard, Russian rikishi Anatoly Mikhakhanov, who weighed 292.2 kg, pointed out that “it is not easy to stay healthy while living the life of a sumo wrestler. It's true that you can't train unless you eat, but it doesn't make sense to end up sick, "he said.

Deibert Frans Roman Guzman

On May 30, newspapers around the world echoed the death of the first soccer player by coronavirus. Deibert Frans Roman Guzmán, a 25-year-old Bolivian , who played for the Beni University Club and had become part of the lower categories of the highland National Team. The player's father, who presided over the club, and his uncle, the manager of Deportivo Perejique, also died of coronavirus.

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Jamain stephens

On September 8, Jamain Stephens Junior, son of the homonymous NFL player , passed away at the age of 20, one of the defenders of the Football team at the University of California Pennsylvania. After his death, the family made public the reason for the death: a blood clot after being infected with coronavirus . In an article entirely dedicated to the young man, the New York Times emphasized, not only his remarkable physical dimensions (he was 1.91 meters tall and weighed 158 kilos), but also the greatness of his spirit. "He was always smiling, even when he wasn't smiling," recalled one of his teachers.

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