All about the investigation that Switzerland is doing to the head of FIFA

The football corruption scandal involves the Swiss Attorney General .

Gianni Infantino

Gianni Infantino faces investigations and criminal proceedings against him. / Photo:

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This week, Swiss prosecutors asked the government to remove the immunity of their own attorney general, Micheal Lauber, so that a series of investigations into his possible criminal conduct could begin.

This possible conduct concerns a series of undocumented meetings that Lauber held with FIFA president Gianni Infantino. The charges he is accused of include: abuse of public office, violation of official secrecy, and assistance and incitement to criminals.

FIFA assures that it has nothing to hide and expressed in a statement that " there was and is absolutely no reason to open an investigation because nothing remotely criminal has happened and there is nothing to suggest any form of criminal offense." Additionally, they stated that "meeting with the Swiss Attorney General is perfectly legitimate and is perfectly legal. It is not a violation of anything. On the contrary, it is also part of the fiduciary duties of FIFA's President."

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At the time of the meetings, Lauber was conducting more than 20 investigations into FIFA-related cases. FIFA then argues that it was Gianni's duty to meet with him: “The aim was always to offer the full support of FIFA in the investigations. The FIFA President and FIFA officials went to see the country's top law enforcement officer to describe the changes that had been made to FIFA and offered cooperation in prosecuting crimes. The FIFA President went there in good faith and as a representative of FIFA. This was also part of his fiduciary duties as President of FIFA. ”

Lauber resigned last week after a court said he covered up his meetings with Infantino during a corruption investigation of his office.

The episode is yet another in the long history of corruption scandals facing FIFA, which, according to the organization, threatens to “do irreversible damage” to its reputation. The organization assured that its president will continue to perform his duties while cooperating with the Swiss authorities.


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