Are Left-handers Better?: Study Reveals the Qualities that These Athletes Have

It is no secret to anyone that right-handers have many advantages in sports. However, a study has revealed the advantages that left-handed athletes have. We tell you what are these qualities that enhance them.

Lionel Messi and Rafael Nadal

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According to a statistical study carried out by experts in sports sciences from the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg in Germany, on average, about 20% of athletes who are left-handed are the most outstanding in each of the disciplines they practice. Even in baseball, the figure exceeds 30%. These statistics are very revealing, since only 10% of the world's population is left-handed, which puts them well above the average.

The reason for the high performance of left-handed athletes is mainly due to the fact that they unconsciously adapt faster to the reaction of right-handed athletes, so the surprise factor plays in their favor. Additionally, because they are a minority, the possibility of having sparring partners to adapt to athletes with right laterality is usually more limited and can also take more time.

This group of specialists is led by the scientist Florian Loffing. He has been analyzing this subject for more than fifteen years and his results have been published by Biology Letters, a journal of the Royal Society, one of the most prestigious scientific academies in the world due to its trajectory and prestige.

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In all sports, lefties have been the best or the most winners. Lionel Messi and Rafael Nadal, considered by many experts as the best in the history of soccer and tennis, respectively, are the clear example of this superiority. On the other hand, it should be noted that in other sports this constant is maintained.

Bill Russell, the most awarded player in NBA history

The legendary left-handed center of the Boston Celtics holds the incredible record of getting 11 NBA rings in 13 seasons played. In addition to these titles, he was a gold medalist with the United States at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics and won two college championships with the San Francisco Dons.

The most devastating left hand in world boxing

Muhammad Ali is synonymous with excellence in sport, considered by Sports Illustrated magazine and the BBC in London as the most important athlete in the history of the 20th century. During his career, he surprised his opponents with his unique style of boxing and the combination of punches that on numerous occasions ended with a left foot that left his opponents on the canvas.

Ayrton Senna, the fastest left-handed player in the world

The legendary Brazilian driver had no problem adapting to cars designed primarily for right-handers, winning three world titles. He was recognized by his Formula 1 colleagues as the best in history, thanks to the fact that Autosport magazine contacted 247 of them to create a ranking of the best driver in history. In this list, he has surpassed pilots of the stature of Michael Schumacher or Juan Manuel Fangio.

Babe Ruth, the multi-champion lefty

Considered the most relevant baseball player in history thanks to his offensive and defensive power. The seven-time World Series champion was not only a brilliant home run hitter, but also struck out many batters with his left hand off the mound. The 'Bambino' marked the history of his sport for his outstanding performances with the New York Yankees.

Despite living in a world designed for right-handers, left-handers have taken advantage of their ability to adapt, and that surprise factor has empowered them to stand out in all sports disciplines. This is why it can be mentioned that left-handed people are more likely to stand out in any sports competition.

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