“Mañana será bonito”, the Karol G Album that Is Breaking Records

Karol G shows with his new album that he has plenty of talent and with it he establishes himself as the Latin artist of the moment. These are our first impressions of "Mañana será bonito".

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Karol G did it very well, that is the first thing to say. The Colombian artist released her new album “Mañana será bonito” on February 24. The next day, less than 24 hours after its release, she woke up to the good news that her album became the best debut for a “Latin female album” with more than 32 million streams on Spotify and a number one on Apple Music Global Chart. This is how the Colombian artist made it known through her Instagram, where she thanked her fans for their support and mentioned that together with her fans they are making history.

And we say that she did it very well because those numbers don't come from nowhere, but rather demonstrate accurate and well-cared work where she collaborates with established artists in different genres and countries. It has unique and varied rhythms that are nourished by traditional and contemporary genres, and lyrics that reveal a more open artist, who explores her emotions and strengthens her vulnerability. With "Mañana será bonito" Karol G not only breaks musical records, but also breaks the language barrier. Here we tell you how she does it.

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Smart and Spectacular Collaborations

Let's start by mentioning that of the 17 songs that make up the album, 9 are collaborations with artists who, as we already mentioned, are very well established in other genres. We meet Romeo Santos, Sech, Maldy, Carla Morrison, Quevedo, Bad Gyal and even Sean Paul himself.

But without a doubt, the cherry on the cake is "TQG", a collaboration with Shakira, also a Colombian artist who conquered an international audience in the early 2000s and whose success has made her one of the most recognized Latin American artists of all times. This duo is very smart because, firstly, it gives Colombians something they didn't know they wanted. Secondly, it resonates with Shakira's recent successes, which are aimed at the controversy over her infidelity and separation with her ex-partner Gerard Piqué. 

In addition, “Mañana será bonito” is obviously an album about what comes after spite, after a love break, so collaborating with Shakira reinforces this discourse and allows her to expand on a media level.

Music Exploration

If Karol G has shown anything throughout her career, it is that she is not afraid to explore different musical genres, and this time he makes it clear again. From the beginning to the end of “Mañana será bonito” we find different rhythms that intertwine and that also give a sense of musical maturity to his new work.

"Mientras me curo el cora" is the song with which the album begins, a reggae that has a sample of "Don't Worry Be Happy ", a song that is recognized and loved by a wide and varied audience. With this song, she establishes what her album is about and what her intentions are: she talks about self-love and staying optimistic despite bad days.

The album moves forward and changes rhythms and genres. In “Gucci los paños” we find a popular genre rhythm and a reflection that is built from his single “200 copas”. Here she refers to that spite, to her lowest moment, and relives the most painful feelings that bring to light her vulnerability. Likewise, we see her love for reggaeton and the strong influence of pop in songs like "Por si volvemos", "Gatúbela", "Cairo" and "Provenza", where she also explores genres such as dance-hall, house, synth-pop, among others.

This range of musical genres allows her album to be complete and reveals a Karol G who has reached the top of her musical career and instead of descending is willing to continue making history in her wake.

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