Bad Moment for Colombian National Team: Why are Goalless Strikers Called Up?

Several Colombian forwards have not been scoring goals. However, they are still taken into account in the soccer team. We tell you about this bad scoring streaks this season.

Radamel Falcao, Diego Valoyes, Rafael Santos Borré

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The Colombian National Team continues to prepare its way for the start of the South American Qualifiers, which will begin next September. That is why coach Néstor Lorenzo has a few months to finish forming the base of his squad to face this competition in the best way.

The next friendly matches of the 'tricolor' will be taking place this month, matches that have been called as an excellent opportunity to show the squad to the country. The teams from Japan and South Korea are in charge of measuring the current soccer performance of Colombian soccer players.

Wet gunpowder

For these matches, Néstor Lorenzo made the determination to summon many strikers, who do not come with a great present. Players like Diego Valoyes, Radamel Falcao García, Jhon Jáder Durán and Rafael Santos Borré were called to this pair of friendly commitments to be the Colombian National Team's share of goals.

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With this call, several fans commented that these forwards will extend the bad scoring streak that the Colombian National Team has been having for several months, in which their attackers cannot score goals. This aspect was essential to achieve the poor results in the past South American Qualifiers.

Currently, these four forwards are having losing streaks in their teams, which is why they have begun to be relegated from their positions. Diego Valoyes, a Talleres de Córdoba footballer, lost ownership of his team a few days ago. In the current season of Argentine soccer, the Colombian attacker played five games, in which he has not scored a single goal.

For his part, Jhon Jáder Durán recently arrived at soccer in England. Aston Villa paid a large sum of money to keep the sports rights of this young player. However, the Colombian attacker has played just a few minutes since his arrival in the Premier League. Since his hiring, the 19-year-old has participated in five matches for his team, in which he has not had the chance to score goals.

Veterans in trouble

Rafael Santos Borré has had his worst season in the Bundesliga, the Eintracht Frankfurt coach made the determination to relegate him from his position. Faced with this situation, the Colombian attacker played a few minutes this season, an aspect that has been essential for him to only score three goals. This is the worst statistic for the "cafetero" since his arrival in German soccer.

The call for Radamel Falcao García was the one that has caused the most stir in recent days. The borned in Santa Marta striker has only played 85 minutes in 2023, in which he has not scored a single goal. His role as a substitute for Rayo Vallecano in Spain makes his call to the Colombian National Team untenable. However, Néstor Lorenzo made it clear that this attacker will be called up constantly due to his emotional importance within the squad.

Wasted talent

The call of these soccer players has caused indignation and concern among several fans of the Colombian National Team, not only because of their bad soccer present, but also because of the waste of players that is being caused. Currently, various Colombian forwards come with outstanding scoring streaks, despite this the Argentine coach does not consider them important for this new process.

Soccer players like Harold Preciado, Miguel Ángel Borja, Alfredo Morelos and Óscar Estupiñán currently have a great scoring streak in their teams. This is why the fans of the 'tricolor' ask their coach to start taking them into account for the start of the South American Qualifiers.

Uncertain future

The reality of the strikers of the Colombian National Team is worrisome, since in this area of the field there are few strong options to get to play the next official competitions in the best way. With this situation, Néstor Lorenzo will play a fundamental role, since, for some years, this strategist has shown his abilities to empower all his players.

With these qualities highlighted in their coach, all Colombians are looking forward to seeing a great game from their team, whose main objective will be to leave behind the failure of not attending Qatar 2022 and obtain a direct place in the 2026 world cup.

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