The 5 Best German Films of All Time

In this article, you will see the best German films that you can enjoy, regarding the triumph of "All Quiet on the Western Front" at the Oscars.

Still from the films 'The Blue Angel' and 'The Wave'

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The Oscars 2023 have ended! One of the main novelties was the triumph of "All Quiet on the Western Front" as the Best International Film, in a category in which "Argentina, 1985" was also included. This tape, based on a book of pacifist ideology, tells the life of the soldiers who fought in the First World War.

Based on the homonymous book written by Erich Maria Remarque, this film stands out for being extremely crude and basing its argument on real war events. This is one of the characteristics of German cinema, since it has no qualms about showing things that happen, without nuances.

For this reason, if you have seen this film and want to know more films made in this country, we leave you the list of the best:

5. "The Blue Angel" (1930)

Created by Josef von Sternberg, "The Blue Angel" is a comedy-drama film featuring iconic actress Marlene Dietrich in her first major role. The story follows a middle-aged school teacher who falls in love with a cabaret dancer, played by Dietrich.

He becomes obsessed with her until he goes crazy. The film makes a great representation of the protagonist's psyche, and proves that German performances are highly regarded.

4. Metropolis (1927)

Directed by Fritz Lang, "Metropolis" is a science fiction film and one of the most influential works of the silent film era. This film presents a futuristic vision of a society divided into two classes: the elite and the underground workers. It was a pioneer at that time for representing a fictional world, but with social criticism.

About the plot, it follows the son of the owner of the city, who falls in love with a worker from the lower class and joins the fight for class equality.

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3. "Das Boot" (1981)

Directed by Wolfgang Petersen, "Das Boot" is a war film that follows the crew of a German submarine during World War II. The film presents a realistic view of life on a submarine and the tension between the crew members as they battle enemy ships and harsh ocean conditions.

It's great for people who love World War II history and are looking to see the rawness of warfare.

2. "Good Bye Lenin!"

Directed by Wolfgang Becker, "Good Bye Lenin!" is a dramatic comedy that tells the story of a family in East Berlin after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. The mother of the family falls into a coma shortly before the fall of the Wall and wakes up eight months later without knowing that a political change has happened.

To prevent his mother from going into shock, the son of the family decides to recreate life in East Germany before the fall of the Wall. The key to this film is to show how divisive Germany was at that time, due to the two political systems that were in opposition.

1. "The Wave" (2008)

Directed by Dennis Gansel, "The Wave" (2008) is a drama based on a real experiment carried out in an American school in the 1960s, in which a teacher tries to teach his students how an autocratic regime works through the creation of a movement called "The Wave".

This production takes place in a German institute, where a history teacher decides to apply the same experiment to teach his students about fascism and the importance of democracy. Its key is to demonstrate that, despite the progress made, it is very easy to generate authoritarianism in society.

"The Wave" explores important themes such as power, authority, manipulation, and the danger of blindly following charismatic leaders. "The Wave" is a powerful film that raises deep and relevant questions about human nature and the consequences of intolerance and lack of freedom.

Ultimately, these are the best German movies ever. What are you waiting for to see them?

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